9 Co-Ords That Cher Would Totally Wear Today

by Jodie Layne

Clueless perfectly captures the pinnacle of '90s style and is packed full of iconic outfits, from Dionne's hats to Cher's Calvin Klein slip dress. However, there's one outfit that seems to stick out more than the others and probably immediately pops into mind when you think of Clueless fashion: Those matching plaid co-ords.

As Dionne and Cher stride onto Bronson Alcott's campus, their identical co-ord sets make a statement and set the tone for all of the bitchin' clothes we're about to take in. I mean, when it comes to '90s fashion, you really can't beat the combo of pleated skirts, blazer, vest, and knee-highs. Clueless definitely impacted my own sense of personal style as a kid and was one of the first films that made me notice the costuming and start to care about clothes. I grew up in a small town without even one clothing store and Clueless taught me how to pronounce designers' names. Heck, it taught me that designers even existed.

And so it seems only appropriate to pay homage to the film's style and its lasting influence. While Cher and Dionne's version of this look is cramming as many trends as possible into one outfit, co-ords are a subtle shout out to these '90s pieces while still having a really modern aesthetic.

Here are nine Cher and Dionne-worthy co-ords to wear, hopefully not sporadically:

1. Patterned Pink

This co-ord set's sophisticated femininity is exactly what Cher would wear to prove she's responsible on her road test.

ASOS Tile Print Blazer, $109, ASOS | ASOS Tile Print Shorts, $63, ASOS

2. Open Knit

Dionne could easily wear this understated outfit for her honorable spot at family dinner at Cher's house. Hey, Mel Horowitz is a traditional kind of guy.

Open Knit Crop Top, $70, Eloquii | Open Knit Midi, $100, Eloquii

3. Stunning Lace

"Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex," Cher famously advised. This is totally the outfit she'd wear for a date with Christian.

White Crochet Bralet, $44, missguided | White Crochet Maxi Skirt, $50, missguided

4. Royal Florals

This co-ord set would definitely be something that Cher would wear while attempting to make Mr. Hall and Ms. Geist fall in love.

ASOS Curve Floral Crop, $40, ASOS | ASOS Curve Floral Pencil Skirt, $46, ASOS

5. Party-Ready Print

I can't look at this set without picturing Dionne wearing it to a party in the valley. Seriously, this fun print and bra crop top is perfect for Rollin' With The Homies.

BCBG Max Azria Jacquard Bra Top, $9, BCBG | BCBG Max Azria Jacquard Skirt, $49, BCBG

6. Ladylike Shimmer

It does not say RSVP on the statue of liberty and Cher would definitely argue that in this very put together set.

ASOS Curve Embellished Blazer, $127, ASOS | ASOS Curve Embellished Shorts, $73, ASOS

7. Fluffy Femme

Dionne might not skin a collie to make her bag, but she'd rock these fluffy co-ords to the mall.

Fluffy Crop Top, $30, Missguided | Fluffy Mini, $18, Missguided

8. Breezy Grid Print

These soft, flowy co-ords are totally perfect for Cher to sport at Travis' skate competition.

Junarose Printed Tank, $35, Penningtons | Junarose Printed Shorts, $35, Penningtons

9. Bridesmaid Babe

Cher would definitely wear this romantic, baby pink two-piece co-ord set for Mr. Hall and Ms. Geist's wedding and to get her first kiss from Josh.

Hayley Two-Piece, $229, Fame and Partners

Images: Paramount Pictures; Courtesy Brands