Meghan King Edmonds' Ring Is Worth How Much?!

One of the first things noticeable about Meghan King Edmonds in The Real Housewives of Orange County is that unlike some of the other ladies, she doesn't seem all that concerned with designer goods or super-expensive things. That's not to say that she doesn't have lovely things, but just that when it comes to flaunting stuff like jewelry, she doesn't tend to brag. It's probably a good quality, but if, like me, you're curious about how much Meghan King Edmonds' engagement ring is worth or where she got it from, it's a little hard to find the answer.

Even though Meghan posted about her engagement on Instagram, there was no huge discussion about where the ring was bought, exactly how complicated it was to make, or a heartfelt thanks to the jeweler who managed to craft the perfect expression of Meghan and Jim's love. But there's no mystery that the internet can't solve, so with some digging, you can find out some solid information about her engagement ring, even from a woman who doesn't like to brag.

First of all, Meghan actually has more than one favorite ring to wear. There's this huge ring, which she sometimes wears on her left hand. It looks like it may be costume jewelry (no shade! It's just enormous).

But there's also a simple wedding band she can be spied wearing in some other photos.

And, of course, there's what I think is the real engagement ring (the sparkly one in the middle), which is incredibly gorgeous.

That is one gigantic diamond, and it probably cost a small fortune. Just how much, the couple hasn't said, but unless Jim saved the life of a diamond trader years ago, I'm assuming he spent thousands upon thousands of dollars, because that much bling is not cheap.

Even a Tiffany necklace Meghan wore in the fourth episode of the season was estimated to be worth $70,000 on Spylight, which calculates the worth of jewelry seen in movies and television shows. The huge ring Meghan wears looks similar to Sofia Vergara's, which has an estimated worth of up to half a million, according to Hollywood Life.

And looking at a roundup of other celebrity engagement rings from Glamour, it looks like Meghan's ring is probably between three and five carats, which range from around fifty thousand to north of a hundred thousand. So Meghan's ring is probably worth something in that range.

Oh, and also seen on Instagram, looks like Jim found his wedding band, too!

But it doesn't seem like the Edmonds are too hung up on their jewelry; both of them have been spotted without their rings. And that kind of works for their marriage — it's very straightforward and breaks all of the rules. At least, it broke all of Meghan's rules, as she once promised herself she'd never marry a professional athlete or someone much older than her. Since Jim is, of course, both of those things, he must have something special in order to have landed the Real Housewives star as his wife.

Image: Vivian Zink/Bravo