Will Nick & Shawn Be At the' Men Tell All'?

Grab your remote and snacks and get ready because Monday night is the "Men Tell All" on The Bachelorette . If you are new to the Bachelor Nation, let me fill you in. Aside from the final rose, this special episode is one of the most drama filled nights of the whole season, because this is the time when all of the past contestants get to come back and ask those burning questions on all of the viewers' minds. That is right: Kaitlyn Bristowe has to come face to face with all the men she rejected in hopes of offering some sort of closure. Talk about awkward. And as one of the most scandalous seasons to date, you know it is going to be intense. But what about this season's most intense dudes? Will Nick & Shawn be at the Men Tell All to hear all the drama, drama, drama?

While Bristowe sits in the hot seat everyone has to wonder, I have to hope you won't be holding your breath to see her final two. It is no secret that the two men have had their fair share of differences this season, but is it possible that they have finally buried the hatchet and become friends or are they just as mad as ever? Here are some theories as to what the final two men will be doing during this special "Men Tell All" episode, because, unfortunately, they won't be in the hot seat just yet.

Tucked Away in Their Beds

Maybe the heartbreak of losing Kaitlyn was just too much for the runner-up. They might spend this night under the covers hiding from all humanity as the world watches their love life replay on the television screen.

Hanging Out With Their Families

Perhaps the final two men are choosing to watch this episode with the ones they love most. Both Nick and Shawn seem super close with their families, so it's likely that they are leaning on them for support.

Awkwardly Sitting Backstage

Usually, the winner keeps their relationship with the Bachelorette on the down low until the final episode, but is it possible that either Nick or Shawn is sitting backstage during the taping? I have to admit it would probably be extremely awkward to sit through all of that.

Sharing a Beer at a Bar

Is it possible that the two have finally put aside their differences and become friends? Maybe they're blowing off the whole "Men Tell All" episode entirely and sharing a beer at a local bar together. You never know, this is Bachelor Nation after all.

Fighting Each Other In a Boxing Ring

On the other hand, these two are probably still feuding. Maybe they are taking their frustrations out in the boxing ring like the men did in the beginning of the season.

With Kaitlyn at Home

If all goes well for Bristowe, her man could actually be at home watching the show with her. Because who needs all that drama when you got the girl in the end?

Putting in Their Application for Dancing With The Stars

When all else fails, there is always a spot for the runner-up on another ABC reality show. If they couldn't win Bristowe's heart, maybe they can win the mirror ball trophy with their dance moves.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy (7)