8 First Aid Supplies You Should Bring To College

Safety doesn't seem sexy, but choosing to forgo it, frankly, is super immature and pretty dumb. Preparation is classically portrayed as a square concept, at least during your teenage years. You're heading to college now, so things are different. Guess how quickly that can go from lame to absolutely vital, depending on your peers' needs? Rather quickly, TBH. There are some simple first aid supplies every college student should pack, not just for your own safety, but for everyone else's, too.

No need to go full ham. Your parents might be overly exhaustive, pushing to pack a heavy duty ice scraper when your school is actually located in Florida. That's excessive. But being prepared to handle adversity is crucial to your own personal safety and is in your best interest. I used to carry a travel sewing kit in my purse at all times, so when I met a babe at a metal show who split his pants while spazzing out in the mosh pit—well, you can guess who ended up saving his day? (And getting close to his crotch region, too. Bonus.) It's not like you have to carry your first aid kit near you always, either, so that means you can be pretty thorough. Shall we dive in?


Something you might not consider absolutely necessary since Mom and Dad always had the stuff around but I promise come a certain time of the month or any given Friday morning, you'll be thankful you loaded up.

Pedialyte powder pack

Another Friday morning friend. The nutrient-rich children's drink is actually one helluva hangover cure. Not only that, if you feel a bug coming on, chugging down this stuff can help better prepare your body for fighting it off.


Yep, pretty real stuff here. And believe me when I say you're not going to feel up for shopping for the stuff if/when you actually need it. Have on hand for emergencies.

A heating pad

From periods to pulled muscles all the way around to freezing dorm bed situations, the heating pad is pretty much a miracle.

Alcohol wipes

A quick way to disinfect cuts, scraps, weird bug bites, mysterious injuries unearthed after DayGlo parties, etc. Also helpful for removing club cover stamps.

Ear plugs

Very young roommates are not notorious for quiet tendencies. This could be the difference between catching necessary Zs before a big lecture and spending the night mildly suffocating yourself beneath pillows in a failed effort to drown out a roommie's revisitation of No Doubt's discography.

A tangible list of crucial phone numbers

Listen. You are going to lose or break your phone at some point. It might not happen in a truly legendary way, bouncing from the seventh floor of a beachfront condo while watching fireworks and tripping your face off on mushrooms. But it will happen and having some semblance of important reference information will save you ass extra grief. Keep the info on Google Drive but also on a thick, deliberate piece of paper in or near your desk.

Sprayable sunscreen

You'll be a freaking hero after any time spent outdoor day drinking. This I swear to you.

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