17 Sexy Hiddles Memes To Brighten Your Day

Tom Hiddleston is a god among men, a sexy beacon of hope in a world full of regular dudes. Hiddles has such a devoted fan following for one reason: he is sexy as hell. Well, he's also an incredibly talented actor and a kind, giving person... but he's also very attractive. Don't believe me? Check out these 17 Tom Hiddleston memes that prove how sexy he is.

For those of you who are skeptical and think Tom Hiddleston is over-hyped, I get it. I used to be like you. But then I ended up writing a few articles about Hiddles and, after spending my fair share of time stalking pictures of him on the internet, I was sold. Tom is more than just a pretty face (and impeccable pair of abs and eyes that are like limpid cerulean pools of desire and dimples you could eat pudding out of) though. I thoroughly encourage you to use your Google powers and spend some time getting to know Tom Hiddleston because he truly is a remarkable man and actor.

But, just in case you don't have the time for that, the least you can do is ogle these sexy memes of Tom Hiddleston that show off both his dashing good looks and that quirky personality of his.

Thou Shalt Not Misquote Shakespeare

Hiddles will know if you do.

Hiddles Says

Well, if you insist...

Loki Takes On Crowd Control

Say what you will about Loki but he keeps a cool head in times of crisis.

Loki's Sorry

We'll take you up on that hug, darling.

Hiddles Says, Part II

Your wish is my command, Tom.

Thunder Effectively Stolen


Innocent Until Proven Very Guilty

Loki would never do such a thing...

When Tom Plays the Villain...

... He does it right.

Calling All Ladies

Get in line.


You're welcome.

Good Guy Hiddles


Bye, Legos

Those tiny little bricks of pain and doom.

Dear Brother...

I'm trying to get my man bun on.

His Pearly Whites Are Deadly

Whatever you do, don't look directly at them.



The Girls at Comic Con Be Like

I'm sure Loki would be more than happy to oblige them.

You Know You're British When...

Your lack of tea is more pressing than your lack of a home.

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