How To Tell 'BB17' Twins Apart By Personality

The whole Twin Twist on Season 17 of Big Brother is really putting a cramp in my game analysis this summer. I spend more time trying to figure out which Big Brother 17 twin is which than I do trying to mark their every move within alliances and within the house. So I can only imagine what it must be like to be in the house and have one of the houseguests constantly changing on you. One day “Liz” is eating cereal straight out of the box, and the next she’s insisting on a healthy meal served at the table. One morning she’s lifting weights in the yard, and the next she spends sleeping until noon. At least the houseguests have had 32 days to figure out the twins and their multiple differences, but what are viewers supposed to do to make sense of which twin is which? We don’t get to spend our days locked in a house with them, analyzing their every move — or their every bit of dental work like Johnny Mac has been lately. Instead, all we can do is watch each episode carefully for physical differences and any sign that one twin is playing instead of the other.

But there’s good news for Big Brother fans everywhere: You can totally tell the difference between Liz and Julia just from watching them play the game. Everything is telling when it comes to these two, from who they like to who they can be found canoodling with in bed. Slowly but surely their personalities are coming out and starting to reveal which twin is playing the game when. So let’s break it down into a bulleted list, shall we? Here’s your Twin Twist cheat sheet. Use the following to determine which twin is in the house while watching. Because I’ll admit, sometimes it’s super confusing.


  • Flirts. A lot.
  • Is often seen snacking
  • Has romantic dinner dates with Austin
  • Is kind of a goofball
  • Can’t stand Jackie
  • Wears baggier clothes
  • Can often be found in bed. In the middle of the day.


  • Is way healthier
  • Takes the game way more seriously
  • Works out a lot
  • Is just friends with Austin
  • Doesn’t flirt with the other houseguests
  • Keeps to herself more
  • Likes the quieter players like Steve

So even though you might not be able to tell the difference between Liz and Julia from their appearances, hopefully this list will help you know which twin is which until the two are allowed to play in the house together.

And until then, Bustle's Big Brother podcast will keep speculating on all the twinny madness:

Image: CBS (3)