11 Bananas Things From BSB's "Larger Than Life"

As the years pass, boy bands will come and go, but nothing will ever be able to top the perfection of the Backstreet Boys. Aside from their killer looks and in sync choreography, the boys were masters of harmony. Throughout the '90s and into the new millennium, the boys became huge superstars, selling out stadiums and records worldwide, but one thing that made, nay, still makes the band so popular today is their hardcore fans (completely guilty). Some might even say the fandom itself is "larger than life," or at least that is how the Backstreet Boys see it. At the peak of their popularity in the '90s, the band released their highly anticipated follow-up album, Millennium. Not only did the album do super well for them as a group, earning them five Grammy Awards nominations, today it still stands as one of the best-selling albums of all time. The songs on the album were one of kind, especially the track, "Larger Than Life." Dedicated to BSB fans, it serves as a "thank you" for all the support. Not only is the tune incredibly catchy, the music video for "Larger Than Life" is truly out of this world.

And in case you don't have this video tattooed on the inside of your brain, let's take this moment to open up the time capsule and reminisce on the video's most ridiculous moments that "foreshadowed" the year 3000.

1. The Countdown To The New Year

The music video starts with a countdown to the new millennium where everything looks super futuristic. Pretty fitting, seeing this album actually came out in 1999. Even after a thousand years, the Backstreet Boys are still relevant.

2. They've Been To The Year 3000

Wait a minute here. Not only is the music video set in the new millennium, but it is also the year 3000. The Backstreet Boys were basically foreshadowing the great boy band to follow, the Jonas Brothers.

3. BSB Are Immortalized, Kind Of

The boys are so important that the government decided to put them in a deep sleep so that they could spread their awesomeness for years to come. How very Austin Powers of them.

4. Where Did Brian's Body Go?

OK, so this is where things get tricky. Why is Brian a robot? And who exactly woke the boys up from their sleep anyhow? So many questions.

5. Major Power Rangers Feels

As the eldest of the group, it only makes sense that Kevin is controlling the space ship. But everything about this is giving me major Power Rangers nostalgia.

6. Rocket Power With a Twist

From his clothes to his board, Brian looks like he just stepped out of the classic Nickelodeon show. Only difference is that he is doesn't need wheels to skate, because he is in space.

7. Wireless Headsets Make A Comeback

We all know headset microphones were so '90s, but according to the Backstreet Boys, they are still just as hip in the year 3000. I can dig it.

8. AJ Is A Marvel Comic Villain

Anyone else thing AJ's outfit looks a lot like Doctor Octopus from the Spider-Man series? It kind of just screams evil genius.

9. Nick Is Iron Man

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nick's suit totally looks like a revamped Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. has nothing on Nick's widow's peak.

10. Howie Is Actually In A Michael Jackson Music Video

While everyone else looks completely futuristic in space, Howie settles for a simple moonwalk. This whole sequence looks like Jackson's music video for "Scream."

11. BSB Saves The World

The boys aren't just here to rock our world, they're here to save it. They are truly larger than life.

Images: Zomba Recording (12)