Will Audrey Quit ‘Big Brother 17’?

If you were anywhere near the live feeds today for Season 17 of Big Brother, you probably already know that s**t hit the proverbial fan when it came to Audrey. The entire day yesterday was filled with Audrey frantically scurrying from housemate to housemate, trying to gain insight into their game, trying to apologize for any times she might have betrayed them, and trying her best to whip up some support before she’s evicted from the house for good. Oh, and in the middle of all of that? Spilling everyone’s secrets to everyone else. Yep. Girl’s game got desperate, to say the least. But in among all of these frantic — and totally questionable — moves to muster up some support from her housemates, Audrey said she would rather leave the house for good than get evicted.

Umm, WHAT? I’m not sure how that even makes sense. Why would you choose to leave over letting the game play itself out? I guess it’s like breaking up with your boyfriend because you think he’s about to break up with you? But girl, get ahold of your pride! Because if he’s not about to dump you and it’s all in your head, then you just lost a good thing for nothing. And, in the case of the Big Brother game, that good thing is $500K.

Yeah. Definitely not worth the risk.

So I have to believe that all of this “I’m going to leave” stuff is just strategy on Audrey’s part. I’m not entirely sure what her strategy is in all of this — maybe to get people’s pity? maybe to seem like a victim? maybe to get at least a few witless believers to be on her side? But either way it is coming off as nothing other than fifty shades of crazy.

Because if Audrey should be doing anything right now to save her hide, it should be laying low and doing things to help out the people in power. In other words, stop being shady and playing such personal game. Now is the time to make a few selfless moves to make herself look more trustworthy in the eyes of the people who hold all the control.

Only time will tell what ultimately happens with Audrey, but I have a very strong feeling that this recent bout of desperation may have just sealed the deal on her eviction notice. So brace yourselves, Big Brother fans, it’s going to be a good episode on Thursday. An Audrey-heavy episode, for sure, but one that totally includes everything that you probably love about this show: gossip, drama, secrets, and scandal. Can’t wait!

But until we know for sure, check out Bustle's Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room, where we leave no stone unturned.

Image: CBS (2)