The New HoHs Will Keep Your 'BB17' Favorites Safe

When Austin and Vanessa won Head of Household during Week 3, it was a huge sigh of relief because some fan favorites would be safe for the week (namely the twins). Well, this week, the girl power prevailed during Thursday's live show when Liz and Shelli won HoH on Big Brother 17, making this the first HoH win for Liz and the second win for Shelli. (Could Shelli be the new Janelle?) The even better news? Two women are HoHs (for the second time this season), only further proving that a woman needs to win this season. Another good thing about Shelli and Liz taking over the HoH suite is that your fan favorites are probably safe for another week.

Liz and Julia have unexpectedly become favorites of mine. They're working against some incredible odds, and somehow — two weeks after being exposed as twins — remain in the game. With Liz as HoH, she and Julia are definitely going to be around until Week 5, which is the final week they have to make it past until they can enter the game together. As for Liz's closest alliance members, Austin will most likely remain safe, too. Maybe giving him time to pump the breaks on filling his empty heart with Liz's love, and get back to just being her good friend and teammate.

And then there's Clay. Because Shelli is HoH, Clay is also going to be safe for the week, so celebrate accordingly. The two have been inseparable throughout the first three weeks of the game, and Week 4 will probably be no different.

The fact that the #SixthSense alliance (consisting of Austin, Shelli, Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Liz, and Julia) has been in power two weeks in a row screams threatening. If the other side of the house ever gets the opportunity to have their head in the clouds — read: Live in the HOH room — I advise that they start picking the #SixthSense alliance members off ASAP. Unless they want to meet Julie Chen.

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Images: Screengrab/CBS