16 Hilarious Reactions To The #NYCHeatWave

There's no other way to say it: We're balls deep in a heat wave in New York right now, and it is the absolute worst. If you Twitter and Instagram for heat wave memes, you'll see far too many screenshots of various weather apps all reminding us that it's hot AF in NYC. (The highest temp I saw while on social media was 99 degrees, but "feels like 105 degrees". GOOD GOD.) I understand, of course, that NYC gets particularly hot in the summer (like, what else did Sex And The City teach me during all those Hampton's episodes, other than that you can totally meet men on the Jitney?) But when they say hot, I assumed they meant typical Northeast hot. Not Death Valley heat.

Well, it's bordering on Death Valley (or perhaps it's very far from bordering on Death Valley and New Yorkers are just dramatic and like acting like they're in the middle of the desert). But either way, you could cut through the humidity with a knife and no one who has hair is thrilled about that. No one who is wearing sleeves is thrilled about that either.

So, here we go New York. Let’s see what y’all have to say. Here are 16 hilarious reactions to the #NYCHeatWave:

1. Towel wrap on point

2. The pups just can't take this heat

3. If you're still celebrating National Ice Cream Day, how's that going for ya?

4. Even the squirrels need a break from their typical hustle

5. The Guggenheim is DONE with this sh*t

6. As are the dogs who like to chill in Central Park

7. When you walk down into the subway:

8. Forecast for today:

9. We're literally being sizzled

10. Subway problems

11. When everyone abandons all pretense and jumps into the fountain in the middle of the city

12. Necessary: Fire hydrant shower

13. I know I've probably driven this point home already, but the dogs of NYC are HOT AF

14. "How RUDE" - Michelle Tanner re: NYC Heat Wave

15. CHillllinNNNnnn

16. The Statue of Liberty needs to shed a few layers

Stay cool, friends. Good luck out there.

Images: NBC