8 Mermaid Inspired Bikinis And Swimsuits Because Nothing Beats Being A Summer Siren

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It appears the world has gone mad for the seductive sirens of the sea. If you too love these ethereal underwater beings, you can get one step (or fathom) closer to Atlantis by wearing mermaid inspired swimwear. The fashion world has embraced the trend too: Vans' Disney collaboration featuring Ariel appears to have gone down a storm and Living Doll Los Angeles has launched a size inclusive mermaiden inspired range. You can even flaunt a fin and sign up for mermaid school if you so desire.

So if you wish to dip your toe into the mermaid lagoon this summer, why not wear a mermaid inspired swimsuit or bikini? You never know, you might even seduce a sailor while you're at it!

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