Taylor's Launching A Clothing Line In China

Pigs must be flying or something because your wildest dreams are about to come true. Taylor Swift is launching a clothing line, but there's a catch — it's only in China. Well, guess it's time to start googling flights.

The always fashionable 25 year old is reportedly partnering up with to sell her own line of clothing. The design collaboration, exclusively for customers in China, will include dresses, sweatshirts, and tops. (And by tops, they mean crop tops, right?).

This is simultaneously really exciting — I mean, she's totally dominated the music industry, imagine what she can do with fashion design? — but it's also pretty heartbreaking for her fans in other countries. But don't despair too much, because I'm sure some of her no doubt fantastic creations will make their way onto the internet (and probably start a Lilly Pulitzer x Target-esque eBay fiasco), or Swiftie will eventually branch out when she gets a breather from her 1989 world tour and start a line that will be available worldwide. Regardless, we're excited for this next step in her career.

And not that she needs any help or anything...but if she happens to be looking for any design inspiration, here are a few outfits we hope inspire her new line.

The Matching Set

Taylor is the queen of matching sets, and for good reason. Girl can rock a crop top like no other.

The Bohemian Dress

No one does romantic dresses quite like miss Taylor Swift.

The Rocker Girl

Sometimes, you just gotta dress up like a hipster (while making fun of your exes).

The Mini Skirt

Obviously, we want to dress like our legs are insured for $40 million.

The Colored Pants

Tay knows how to rock a pair of colored pants.

The High Waisted Shorts


Images: Getty Images; WhoWhatWear/Twitter, HolySwiftie/Twitter, summerberry728/Twitter, innamedelo/Twitter, HollywoodLife/Twitter