'Sharknado 4' Is A Very Likely Possibility

Since the premiere of Syfy's first Sharknado movie in 2013, the TV franchise centering around campy shark-infested tornadoes — and the one man who can defeat them — has been a ratings and social media bonanza for the network. But, will the Sharknado movies keep coming? Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! premieres Wednesday night, but will there be a Sharknado 4? There's already talk from the cast and producers about making a fourth film for Summer 2016. Because it seriously wouldn't be summer without Fin Shepard (played by Ian Ziering) wielding his trusty chainsaw at a twister filled with hungry sharks. [Update: At the end of Sharknado 3, Syfy announced there would be a Sharknado 4 "because we're not done yet."]

According to Variey, 3.9 million total viewers watched last year's premiere of Sharknado 2 , a figure that crowned the movie as Syfy's most-watched ever. In addition to that, Sharknado 2 inspired one billion Twitter conversations, according to a press release from the network. That's a lot of hype for Sharknado 3 to live up to, but the cast has a lot of faith that the third installment can top last year's movie — and there's already talk of Sharknado 4. “It is talked about, a potential fourth,” Tara Reid (who plays Fin's ex-wife-turned-wife-again April) told RadioTimes.com. “Never say never. We never thought there’d be a one, two, never mind a three.”

Sharknado 3 actress Cassie Scerbo has also talked about a potential fourth film, telling Bustle, "I can only imagine [there will be another], because these films are so inexpensive to make, yet they draw such a huge audience." Scerbo is also totally open to reprising her role of Nova, should Syfy make another.

I have so much fun doing them. To run around with shotguns dressed in leather and shooting imaginary sharks, to get to play an action character is really fun; it’s really cool for me. So, it depends on scheduling and what not, but, for me, I always have a blast. So, I don’t know why not!

So, if there's going to be a Sharknado 4, where should it take place? I have some ideas.

The UK

It seems like the cast of Sharknado 3 really wants to go abroad. Ian Ziering tells Bustle "I’d like to see us shoot on foreign shores," and Tara Reid told the RadioTimes.com she'd be down for a Sharknado movie that took on the UK. "We’d have to go overseas," she said. "I would love to come to the UK. That would be amazing." Just imagine those sharks taking a bite out of Big Ben and Tower Bridge — but you know Queen Elizabeth wouldn't stand for it and would immediately call Fin to the rescue.


This major Japanese city uses Godzilla as its tourism ambassador, but would the citizens be able to handle a sharknado? Of course! Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with a population of more than 35 million people. Your move, sharks.


The Great White North has a reputation for being super polite, but how would that play out if the hockey-loving, poutine-eating country was faced with a gigantic shark-filled tornado, eh? I'm sure Canadians will band together to get that twister with teeth out of their nation, pronto. (Also, can Drake please make a cameo? Thanks.)


This continent has more than enough tough people and wildlife to lead a rebellion against these unruly sharks.


A sharknado could be a good match for the land down under, with its Vegemite and cute koalas.


What if the sharknado paired up with a volcanic eruption in this lava-rich country for one mega disaster? Fin would need a really big chainsaw for that.

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