What Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans Says About You

Whether you're a fan of the skinny style, or prefer boot cut, or maybe you're much more of a jegging person, your favorite pair of jeans can say a lot about you. No piece of clothing can compete with the practicality, functionality, and amazing style of jeans, so I know it can be hard to choose just one pair. But with that being said, we all have that one favorite pair that we love and adore so much, we couldn't imagine life without them. That pair of jeans that you love so much, my fellow denim devotee, can reveal quite a lot about you. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the skinny jean and how a slim, fitted cut flaunts my curvy bottom and looks great paired with lots of my blouses. Someone else might really love the way a bootcut looks, and the person after that might just honestly prefer something more trendy like distressed denim. Jeans, just like us homo sapiens, come in many different shapes, forms, and designs. Thus, it goes back to our individuality and uniqueness, and how that can translate directly into the jeans that we wear, what we feel most comfortable in, and what we are most confident expresses our own self. Whether you hoard skinnies or you never take off your boyfriend jeans, here are 10 different types of jeans and what your favorite says about you.

1. Bell Bottoms

You know bell bottoms aren't for everyone, but they are for you. They are your one and only love, giving you all the strength and courage you could ever ask for from a pair of jeans. You wish you lived in the hippie ages of the '70s, with your ultimate style icons being Stevie Nicks, Bianca Jagger, and occasionally, Jimi Hendrix (his style was just so cool). You love how bell bottoms play a tribute to the fashion of the past, and personify your happy-go-lucky attitude and adoration of all things vintage.

2. Skinny Jeans

You are focused, and you don't comprise it for anything. From your outfit to your coffee order at Starbucks, you like everything to be precise and perfect, which is exactly why you love skinny jeans. Your style is quite prim and proper at work, but it's more casual on your downtime going shopping or DIYing crafts, and you can rely on skinny jeans as the perfect transition piece.

3. Mom Jeans

If you're favorite pair of jeans is a pair of mom jeans, you're probably pretty trendy, whether you have kids or not. You like the light wash of your hip-hugging mom jeans because they fit well and they look good with all your white graphic T-shirts from Disney Land.

4. Wide Leg Jeans

You consider yourself a modern woman with classic roots, which is why you're always drinking a Dark & Stormy and wearing wide leg jeans. You're all about unexpected combinations, and part of that is due to your wide leg jeans. Because even though they look great with modern clothing pieces, they're still a little retro and quirky, just like you.

5. High Rise Jeans

You're the clown in your friend group. You love making people laugh, and love laughing at yourself. The reason why you and high-rise jeans work out so well together is because they're just simply too easy to even mess up. While you're much more interested the latest movies and shows on Netflix than you are the specifics of your jeans, you know these look great and make you feel covered and comfortable, and, well, confident. And that's more than enough clothing support to focus on what's really important: taking the worst selfie in the world to send to all your friends on Snapchat.

6. Low Rise Jeans

Low rise jeans aren't for everyone, but considering you're perfect for them, you're not going to stop wearing them. You're probably a tomboy, and while you love dressing up, denim has never really been your strong suit. You're a fan of the athleisure movement because you can basically wear your workout clothes to the club and not look out of place. But that being said, nothing could change your mind about low rise jeans.

7. Distressed Jeans

You hate that you love trendy things, but you do. And this includes the distressed jeans that have come in and out of style since the punk era of the '90s. You're glad to finally see your favorite '90s styles come back to life, but you know it will be short lived because somehow, the fashion Gods always push it aside for something you don't like nearly as much.

8. Jeggings

Because skinny jeans just aren't tight enough. You have searched high and low for the tightest pair of jeans in the world to flaunt your girly girl style. However, you also need to be comfortable all the time, and the only pair that can really provide you with the look you're going for are jeggings. And while they're not necessarily true denim, they're still you're favorite. They're soft, fitted, and quite stretchy just like leggings, yet they have the look and design of jeans. They're the best of both worlds (your teen idol, Hannah Montana, would be proud), and you're eternally grateful for their existence.

9. Boot Cut Jeans

You like jeans because they're practical, they're easy to wear, and they can be worn in many different ways. As much as you admire people who can rock jeans in lots of different styles, you just want a pair of pants to get you through a long day of work. The boot cut fit does exactly that for you, without being frilly. Because just like you, you want your jeans to be simple and low-maintenance.

10. Straight Leg Jeans

If you prefer straight leg jeans, you're probably a pretty chill person. Stress and anxiety are not in your vocabulary. You're responsible and busy, but you just don't let anything get to you, whether it's a dramatic friend or the fact that Chipotle got your order wrong when you clearly said "Guac please." Either way, you're a hard worker and love your day-to-day schedule, but you just need a no muss no fuss jean to help you through it. And that's why those straight legs are perfect for you.

Images: nuzza11/Fotolia; Melodi Erdogan