Taylor Swift Quotes About Life & Love

My heart was a blank space until Taylor Swift wrote her name on it, and now it only beats for her. Only a year ago, I had somehow never heard a Swift album; a few months ago, I finally listened to her catchy musings about love and dating and now I'm as obsessed as every other person on earth. Apparently, MTV's Video Music Awards are, too. With nine nominations, Swift is 2015's MTV VMA Queen, beating out Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé for the most nominations. So, as Swift continues in her path to total world domination, let's revisit the ridiculous quotes from Taylor Swift interviews that have made us love her and roll our eyes all at the same time.

Why do we love Swift so much? Well, beyond her ability to craft an impeccably addictive pop song, Swift's lyrics about love are mired in the sort of guileless melodrama that many of us feel, particularly in our teens and early 20s, but rarely express. It turns out, the way she writes about relationships is exactly how she talks about them as well. To be clear, the things she says are not eyeroll-worthy; in fact, she's actually very intelligent and insightful. It's more that she has a tendency to wax poetic about relationships. Whenever any teenager or 20-something attempts to impart grand life lessons — no matter how true what they're saying is — the combination of philosophical loftiness and inexperienced youth can sometimes make them look a little overly grandiose. It's all part of the charm of youth, OK?

In honor of her VMA nominations, here are seven of Taylor Swift's most melodramatic quotes about love and dating. She's learned a lot, you guys.

“I'm the girl who — I call it girl-next-door-itis — the hot guy is friends with and gets all his relationship advice from but never considers dating.” - Interview With Teen Vogue, 2009

No, Ms. Swift, you are not. You are a beautiful, intelligent and strong woman that many, many, many straight men would happily date.

“I’m perfectly happy for all my past relationships to be wrong until I find the one that’s right. I’m very happy not having found my great love yet.” - Interview With Vanity Fair, 2013

As a 20-something myself, people tell me I'm being an idiot when I say things like this. Granted, I'm not a gorgeous millionaire, so maybe that has something to do with it.

“There are two different categories of love. The first category is called a fairytale. The second category of love is called just another lesson.” - Bantering With The Audience On-Stage At The Verizon Center, 2010

There's a third category, where you hook up with a narcissist for six months and think you're dating until you realize that they're completely incapable of meaningful human connection.

“In high school, I used to think it was, like, sooooo cool if a guy had an awesome car. Now none of that matters. These days I look for character and honesty and trust.” - Interview With Glamour, 2010

But, like, if a guy had a Porsche, I could totally overlook the adultery.

“I’ve had moments of thinking, This is who I love and I don’t care what anyone says. Those moments are beautiful and wild and exciting, but I’ve learned that those moments can end up hurting you in the end.” - Interview With Glamour, 2010

I'm no psychologist, but is that healthy?

“To trivialize someone who’s heartbroken is really cruel.” - Interview With The Telegraph, 2015

Oh, wait... Was this Taylor Swift or Eckhart Tolle? They sound so similar sometimes.

“I get too serious sometimes – you can probably tell – and [my fans] bring me back to like, 'OK, I’m not really doing anything that difficult. I just need to calm down.'" - Interview With The Telegraph, 2015

See? I'm not making it up! She gets it.

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