5 Times Alexa Chung Had Quirky Summertime Style

When it comes to summer, there's no better time to try out different fashions, from breezy dresses to easy jumpers — the possibilities are endless. Alex Chung's purple babydoll dress is a winning example of a warm weather outfit that fit her quirky persona while being effortlessly cool. Chung is no stranger to experimentation, and her style always has people taking notes.

The star makes sure that she's true to herself through her wardrobe and inspires others to do the same. While going out to grab coffee with rumored boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard, Chung channeled the '90s in a throwback dress with a modern twist that kept the outfit just the right amount of sexy and cute. The two-toned patterned dress made for a chic look, but the It-girl kept things sporty with a pair of Adidas sneakers — a trend that everyone from Gigi Hadid to Kylie Jenner has been seen rocking.

Chung swapped out a traditional purse for her quilted backpack that will no-doubt be copied across campuses everywhere. This look is already packed with personality, so there was no need to pile on the accessories. Her fresh face of neutral makeup was just enough to polish the ensemble, showing that great style doesn't have to involve tons of product.

This isn't the only time that Chung has stepped out in a quirky, fashion-forward outfit. She knows how to put her own spin on whatever she's wearing, and isn't afraid to let herself shine through whatever she wears.

1. Staying true to herself

She showed off her sense of humor by sporting her own picture on her top. The awesome cheetah print belt adds some polish to the personalized ensemble.

2. Combining different styles

Chung doesn't just stick to one go-to look, she's a master of them all. From light scarves to graphic tees, there isn't a piece of clothing that she won't try at least once.

3. Wearing colorful gowns

Even her red carpet dresses are super original. But one thing's for sure, she's always shining right through whatever crazy creation she's sporting.

4. Perfectly pairing prints

There's no color under the sun that this stylish women hasn't tried. She also opts for busy prints, because there's nothing she's afraid of, sartorially.

5. Experimenting with accessories

Chung has a gift for styling, seen here with her artfully chosen accessories.