6 Times Gigi Hadid Experimented With Summer Style

by Kali Borovic

Comfy chic is becoming one of the hottest fashion trends, thanks to a number of stars, and Gigi Hadid's dress with tennis shoes might just be the look that convinces everyone to try the style. The model takes casually cool to a whole new level, and it's just one of the many ways that she's experimented with summer fashion while giving style gurus everywhere a reason to get cozy. Who says style has to mean sacrificing comfort?

There's nothing better than a look that manages to make comfy look cool. Hadid is an expert on the trend and has pulled sneakers off with everything from a red carpet look to a day of running errands. But her latest look is absolutely perfect. She paired a white, low-cut sundress with a pair of Adidas Original sneakers for a plain and simple look that got her noticed. With a tiny cutout of the dress and long, flowing locks, this look managed to be just as much flirty as it was fun.

But what really completed the look was her metallic blue Raybans that made the summertime look even more fabulous. Carrying a matching blue tote around the streets of New York, the model's comfy-chic outfit came to life. Here's three cheers to an outfit that will leave you looking as great as you feel.

Summer trends are some of the most tricky to pull off, but with a few tips from Hadid, you'll be on your way to outfit greatness. The model has worn everything from bright and tight crop tops to laid-back jackets to show that she has some serious summer style. There's no better time to experiment than summertime, and Hadid proves that trying trends can definitely pay off.

1. Falunting a pop of color

But seriously, how fab is this look?! She outfitted a black crop top with a patterned blazer and a brightly colored bag to bring this summer look to life.

2. Trying out different bikini cuts

There are so many different bathing suit styles out there, and this is just one instance that Hadid shows that experimenting is worth the risk.

3. Diving into monochrome looks

She makes one of the most lusted over summer styles look like a breeze with a leather jacket and leggings.

4. Rocking jean on jean

Another comfy-chic look, the model pairs just the right shades of denim together for winning warm-weather look.

5. Mastering the monogram

In an all new way of monogramming, the model managed to pull off a new style of monogram that not just everyone can pull off.

This model off duty knows how to style a summer outfit!