9 Reasons Why Ryan Atwood Is Perfect, From Chino All The Way To 'The O.C.'

When The O.C. originally aired and hello, everyone I knew was watching it, it was way trendy to be a Seth Cohen girl. All of my friends went on for hours about how funny and cute and sweet he was, and wondered why he was nowhere to be found in our real lives. And I agree: there should be more Seth Cohens in the world. The mix tapes would be better. Chrismukkah would sweep the globe. But, still: I have always been and always will be a Ryan Atwood girl.

Maybe I have a tendency to go for the romantic loner, but Ryan had me from the moment he looked hesitant about hot-wiring that car, and I was long gone by the time the Cohens officially took him in and he reacted in a way that can only be described as "human puppy." He's quiet and thoughtful; unlike Seth, he only speaks when he had something to say. ("Sometimes I think you talk just to make sounds.") He has a strong moral code and sticks to it, even if it gets him into trouble. And he's a loyal brother, son, and friend. Basically, Ryan Atwood is perfect. Don't believe me? Here's the proof.

1. Because He Has No Time For Snobs Or Bullies

Especially when they're coming after his friends. Notice how Ryan never fought for himself, just for people he loves?

2. Because He Doesn't Make Jokes Often, But When He Does They're Usually Puns

And, let's face it, his dry humor was a welcome chance from Seth's hyper-verbal sarcasm.

3. Because He Knows The Three Major Food Groups Are Cereal, Bagels, & Coffee

My kingdom for just one morning at the Cohen breakfast bar.

4. Because He Has A Signature Look

Trends come and go. It's best to find out what looks good on you and just stick with it. For Ryan, that's a white tank top. Leather choker optional.

5. Because He Made It Before Midnight

None for Oliver Trask, bye.

6. Because Anybody Would Be Lucky To Have Him As A Brother

Where would Seth and Ryan have been without each other? They're the real soulmates of the series, to be honest.

7. Because He Was A Sturdy Shoulder To Cry On

Ryan didn't have an easy time of it either, but he could always pull it together and be strong for Marissa.

8. Because His Taste In Music Is Both Classic And Flawless

Don't stop believing, Ryan. Ever.

9. And Finally, Because He Was Smart Enough To Get With Taylor Townsend

My Type-A princess. If anyone deserved you, it was Ryan "Perfect" Atwood.

Zero flaws to be found, right? Ryan Atwood was the beating heart of The O.C.

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