Kylie Matches Her Pink Mani To Her Givenchy Bag

KJ has a serious thing for the matchy matchy trend, and not just the typical matching mani pedi or shoes and bag or accessories. Booorrriiiinnng! Kylie Jenner matched her dusty pink mani to her Givenchy bag and it was everything. The reality star has matched her lipstick to her hair. She's also twinned with her big sister Kim Kardashian so much so that they are starting to feel a bit like clones and it's almost freaking me out. But this new move was unexpected.

Kylie's been rocking maaaaaj daggers for quite some time. She gives Rihanna a run for her mani money. I don't know how she is able to write, put on eyeliner, take a shower, or not puncture her skin with those things. But she pulls the really long nails look off flawlessly.

The youngest Jenner rocked a dusty, matte pink, and squared off mani. The lacquer is perfectly coordinated with her pricy Givenchy bag. The color of her digits and her bag is super delicate but the length of her nails prevents it from looking a little too precious. If she went with a cotton candy pink, this would have devolved into one hot mess.

Instead, it's incredibly chic and subtle. And subtle is not exactly a Jenner specialty. So yeah, she is throwing us for a loop again. For someone who isn't even 18 yet, Jenner really navigates her own style trends.

This isn't the only time Kylie Jenner's nails matched another element of her outfit or her look.

1. Yellow + Gold

Her nails were mellow yellow and it played off her stacks of chunky gold rings. It was the same color family.

2. Mermaid Hair, Don't Care

Powder blue mermaid hair? Check. Powder blue mani? Check.

3. White Light

White shirt, white nails.

4. Thinking Pink

She wasn't perfectly coordinated, but she did go with shades of pink with her nails, lips, and the wash of eye shadow on her lids.

5. Real Teal

Ooh! Sassy girl giving the one-digit salute. But the teal mermaid hair matched dat nail.

6. Finger Candy

Kylie's nail polish was totally neutral, but the jewelry? That's some finger candy that matched all of her rings.

7. More White Light

French manis are not exactly high fashion, but Kylie wore hers while cloaked in white.

8. Maggin' It

Is it me or does her sheer mani match the orange color of the Teen Vogue logo and text colors in the most subtle of ways?

9. Heavy Metal

Jenner's metallic nails matched her stacks of bracelets.

Her Instagram feed is pretty much a clinic on matching her nails to pretty much any element of her outfit. Go ahead and take that inspo, nail art fanatics.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (10)