6 Times Audrey From 'Big Brother' Was Mistreated By The Houseguests Because Despite Her Lies, She Still Deserves To Be Treated Like A Human

Audrey Middleton is perhaps one of the most talked about houseguests on Big Brother 17 and clearly this girl is not afraid to step on any toes as she fights her way to that $500,000. However, as the game progresses, Audrey seems to be having a hard time coping with the frosty relations in the house and, if you really think about it, who can blame her? The Big Brother houseguests have been pretty mean to Audrey. I know Audrey brought the wrath of the Big Brother house upon herself, but I can't help feeling bad for the girl. Everyone in the house has people to lean on except for Audrey, and being the BB house outcast would certainly start to get to even the most resilient person.

After appearing to be so tough and unbreakable, it seems as if Audrey is finally starting to let the frigid social climate in the house get to her and that's completely understandable. Audrey has been mistreated by her Big Brother houseguests on more than one occasion and, even with her less-than-perfect track record in the house, she definitely doesn't deserve to be treated so harshly. Here's what they've done to her so far:

1. They Held A House Meeting Without Her

Regardless of how much trouble Audrey causes or how stand-offish she is being, it's just a shady move to hold a meeting with every single person in the house in attendance except for her. Maybe if the numbers in the house were smaller, it wouldn't seem quite so mean but with this many people still in the house, a meeting that explicitly excludes only one member seems cruel. Especially when the group decides in that meeting to purposefully alienate and ignore her.

2. Fraudrey

Big Brother on YouTube

Though this was arguably done in good fun, given Audrey's already unstable state in the house, it seems like adding insult to injury to mock her in this way.

3. The Houseguests Act Two-Faced

Big Brother on YouTube

Though Big Brother is a game based on lies and manipulation, there is still a decent amount of trust shared between contestants. You can't go through the game by yourself; you need alliances and you need people whose word you can put your faith into. All of the houseguests seem to have no scruples about lying to Audrey's face and throwing her under the bus. She made bad decisions early in the game and, as a result, the rest of the house uses that as an excuse to be two-faced to her with no feelings of guilt because she's disposable to them.

4. The House Gangs Up On Audrey

Yes, Audrey brought this on herself. Yes, she lied to everyone and probably needed to be confronted. However, everyone acts like she committed a cardinal sin even though everyone knows that being a good liar and manipulator is key to succeeding in Big Brother. I don't think Audrey deserved to be ganged up on like this. Da'Vonne should have gathered three or four people to corroborate her claims and called Audrey out in a smaller group setting rather than bringing the entire house in and ambushing her.

5. Jason's Plot To "Weaken The Bitch"

Jason discusses how Audrey should be a have-not because it fits in with their plan to weaken and eventually evict her. Big Brother is all about strategy but there seems to be something particularly sinister about wanting to physically weaken and essentially starve a fellow a houseguest.

6. Threatening Her With Violence

Look, I get it. Not only is Audrey a schemer and a great liar but she also generally keeps a remarkably cool head in confrontations, which can come off as uncaring and callous. However, there's a way to deal with confrontation and threatening to "crack" someone in the face when they piss you off just isn't an adult way to handle things. Audrey might be a pain but she still deserves to be treated with respect, even during arguments.

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