7 Emotional Stages Of Getting Blisters, Because We Never Learn And It Never Gets Any Easier

Blisters are ruthless, relentless, and unforgiving. Yet, we still put ourselves through the painful experience when wearing a pair of shoes we know will hurt, thus, without fail, always going through the inevitable emotional stages of getting a blister. We could potentially avoid getting blisters by just walking barefoot, but to avoid looking like a hobbit, we wear shoes.

Anyone who has broken in a new pair of shoes, worn a pair of obviously painful shoes, or worn a pair of shoes that just simply doesn’t fit them knows the agony of getting a painful, annoying blister. And even when we wear the nicest, seemingly most comfortable shoes in the world, blisters can sneak up on our poor little ankles. Sure, you can probably guess that those four inch stilettos are going to dig into your skin, but those comfortable sneakers made of fabric and mesh? Surely they wouldn’t… but they would.

So, in an effort to sympathize with everyone who has ever gotten a blister, and to agonize over the traumatic experience we all subject ourselves to anyways, here are the seven emotional stages of getting and dealing with a blister. Because wearing a new pair of shoes should be fun, not painful.

1. Excitedness

At first, we’re all excited about wearing a new pair of shoes, a special pair of shoes, or really a drop dead gorgeous pair of shoes. We’re not thinking about the health consequences of wearing those shoes; we’re thinking about how we’ll look like a model walking down a runway in them, how great they go with the rest of the outfit, and pondering how many different compliments you will get for them. Just slip those babies on, and forget the fact that you’re signing your health away with every toe that slips into the shoe.

2. Anxiety

Then, about an hour and a half into your plans, your feet start to tingle. Oh, it’s probably nothing. Maybe it’s a toe that’s just not in place. Or maybe I’m sitting wrong and my feet are asleep. Surely it couldn’t be… a blister? No, no it couldn’t. But what if? Well, it’s not worth worrying about it, because those are the only shoes you have on you and there’s not much you can do about it. And too bad there’s nowhere to sit down, so you’ll be standing and walking all day and all night.

3. Worry

What have you done? Your feet hurt more by the minute, and while it’s still manageable at the stage, you can’t even bare to imagine the pain that you’re subjecting yourself to. But look down at your feet, maybe your fabulous shoes will make you feel better. Nope, nope. They only make you feel worse. What were you thinking? At this point, those fluffy slippers you have at home and seeming more and more like heaven. You contemplate cancelling your plans early and heading home, but you won’t cave to the shoes. So your worry only increases.

4. Pain

But then the real pain kicks in. Honestly, at this point, this kind of pain is not worth any kind of beauty. The skin on your feet near your toes and right below your Achilles heel is soft and tender. You can see where your skin is inflamed, and you know if you take five more steps the skin will rip. And that big bubble of liquid under your skin right by your toe? That’s surely going to pop by the end of the night, and then the suede on your shoes will be ruined forever. All because you ignored the fact that you would be going through this pain just to feel like you were a model walking down a runway. Sigh.

5. Regret

Maybe you should have reevaluated your outfit and gone with shoes you know won’t ruin your night, turn your feet in a battle field, or remind you why you aren’t a hobbit who just doesn’t worry about shoes at all. Maybe you should have packed a pair of flats in your clutch just in case these heels turned out to be super painful, which surprise, they did. Maybe you should have just stayed at home and watched Netflix. People say you shouldn’t have any regrets in life, but getting blisters for wearing a painful pair of shoes easily tops the list.

6. Relief

Finally you get the chance to take off those horrid (but beautiful) shoes and give your feet a break. Whether you’re taking that break in a public bathroom, under the restaurant table, or you make it home alive, this relief was much needed. Apparently, feet can only take so much. And while there are some people who can wear stilts and still not get blisters, you’re not one of those people. Nothing has felt better than taking those shoes off, and you’re contemplating never putting a pair on again. Especially since those gnarly blisters are going to take quite a while to heal.

7. Acceptance

And finally, it’s all said and done. You wore the shoes, the shoes gave you blisters, and now you’re dealing with the consequences. You won’t be able to wear real shoes for the next week. You will be dealing with real pain for the next week. And you’re really considering becoming a hobbit after this whole experience. But hey, was it worth it? Maybe, maybe not. Probably not. But what’s done is done. And now you have some gross little blisters to care for. At least, until they heal and then you wear those shoes a few weeks later and go through this whole thing again.

It’s fine.

Images: coka/Fotolia, Giphy