These 'Game Of Thrones' Memes Are Everything

Want to know something that really sucks? Waiting for Game of Thrones Season 6 to return. (Or really any new season for that matter.) In fact, I'd say it's almost as bad as watching one of your favorite characters get killed off. (I said almost, guys.) It doesn't matter how many times I get frustrated with this show and its incessant violence toward women, I somehow always seem to keep coming back for more. Why? Perhaps I'm simply a masochist. But more than likely it has to do with the fact that, at it's very core, Game of Thrones is a phenomenal series, full of rich, complex characters we can't help but obsess over. And since we're only allotted 10 episodes per season, that makes each and every hiatus all the more excruciating to endure.

Luckily, though, several fans have managed to find some rather creative ways to help pass the time in the form of Game of Thrones memes. For those of you who have yet to fully acquaint yourself with some of these hilarious creations, let me assure you that it's well worth the effort. So while you may be currently suffering from post-GoT blues, here are a few laugh-inducing memes to help tide you over until your wait has ended and Season 6 begins.

For Those Involved In A Love/Hate Relationship With GRRM

The struggle is real, folks.

For Those Who Should've Known Better

Never say never, especially in regards to this show.

For All You Pun Lovers Out There

Sorry guys…

For The Hopefuls

Please, let's make this happen!

For The Coffee Addicts

Nailed it.

For A Girl Who Appreciates Word Play

Come on, you know this is funny.

For Those Who Enjoy A Good Poop Joke

Tyrion does not give a crap.

For The Star Wars Obsessors

Kinda helps put everything in perspective, doesn't it?

For The Shopper In All Of Us

Now those are some adds I could get onboard with. Sold!

For The Movie Buffs

You're welcome.

For Those With A Darker Sense Of Humor

Too soon?

For Every Mother (Of Dragons)

The only proper way to get the word out.

For The Logical Viewer

Why? Just WHYYYY?!?!

For Jon Snow Fanatics

Which, if we're being honest, is pretty much everyone at this point. Season 6 seriously can't get here fast enough.

Image: HBO