9 Ways Your Hometown Was Just Like Stars Hollow & You Didn't Even Know It

It's fun to dream about fictional places, but even better when they make you appreciate your surroundings all the more. Sure, you can "visit" Hogwarts in Orlando for a price. However, I am here to tell you that your hometown is just like Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls, I promise. Sure, your town's dance marathon may not have a '40s theme, and maybe there was really only one local contest-based festival you looked forward to each year instead of the 20+ notable Stars Hollow events, but I bet your hometown had plenty of quirks.

Whether you're from a big city or a tiny hamlet, every community has characters and traditions. I grew up in a small-ish city in North Carolina but I still relate every time I turn on Gilmore Girls. I've never been to a town meeting (even when I lived in New England — stop asking), but I know what it's like to care passionately about something with a group of similarly dedicated people. The comparisons are especially recognizable when I go home to visit — though there's nothing wrong with living in one place for your whole life. That's what makes Stars Hollow great!

Here are some other ways that we all, in our own way, call Stars Hollow home.

1. The "Big" Events

I don't care where you grew up, every place has a handful of events that you couldn't possibly explain to an outsider without them giving you weird looks. It could be a festival or a parade or a knitting marathon. For me, it's a Greek Church that holds the best spaghetti dinners, dueling local theater productions during the holiday season, and so many visiting furniture salesmen that half the kids in our school are sleeping in tents because their rooms are occupied.

2. The Local Gossip

How do people you haven't talked to for months know what's going on in your life? Or at least, some version of your life that sounds like it went through a game of telephone?

3. The Local Issues

Whether you still live in your hometown or get regular text message updates from your mother, you're always up to date on the latest politics.

4. The Initial Distrust Of Outsiders

Sure, Lorelai was accepted and taken in by the Stars Hollow residents by the time we met her. However, everyone was suspicious of Jess and if anyone was dating someone outside of Stars Hollow, it was a major red flag situation — at least at first.

5. The Shortcuts

Do you know where to find all the free parking and clean bathrooms? Sure, this side road may not be the most direct route to school, but it's twisty and the speed limit's not as low as it probably should be, which equals fun.

6. The "Kirk"

Kirk might be cartoonish, but I'm sure you can think of someone in your hometown who hopped from job to job and always seems to be everywhere.

7. The Family Proximity Is Too Close

I'm talking natural and formed families, here.

8. The Unconventional Hangout Spot

Whether it's an abandoned mill, diner parking lot, or a monument with the perfect amount of shade, you've got your own Luke's in town.

9. The Unconditional Support

There's always someone in your hometown who has your back no matter what. It could be your family, the friends you've had since preschool, a guidance counselor, or a barista. One of the things Gilmore Girls does best is show you that there are a lot of different little ways to define and make up a home.

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