Kelly Clarkson Totally Kills *NSYNC Cover, Of Cour

First, Rihanna, now *NSYNC. Only one day after her cover of Rihanna's "Stay" hit the web, another clip of Kelly Clarkson covering *NSYNC at her concert in Buffalo, New York Tuesday has taken the Internet by storm, and for good reason: it's sort of the best. Singing "Bye Bye Bye," Clarkson single-handedly initiated the best throwback ever — and it's not even Thursday. Similar to Clarkson's "Stay" cover, Clarkson makes the track completely her own, but lets the classic tone of the song shine through — and it works beautifully together.

"This is a throwback to our Junior High days," Clarkson announced on-stage, before lending her signature voice to the *NSYNC classic. She has the unique ability to imbue anything with an emotional resonance — because of her stellar, raw voice, it is easy to forget how inane the lyrics are. I mean... "Don't really wanna make it tough / I just wanna tell you that I had enough / It might sound crazy / But it ain't no lie / Baby, bye, bye, bye," is a literal verse. Not exactly poetry or anything — but with Clarkson's voice, it might as well be.

Here's Clarkson's epic "Bye Bye Bye," and, for good measure, some other awesome celeb covers of *NSYNC:

Michael Buble, "Tearing Up My Heart"

The acoustic arrangement is adorable, and so is that baby he's dancing with. He should release a whole album of pop covers — give the Backstreet Boys the ukulele treatment, too.

John Mayer, "Pop"

If you get through the long intro, you'll see Mayer covering the song we call "Dirty Pop." This is way back in 2001, the year that "Pop" came out and before we knew who Mayer would turn out to be.

Pentatonix's *NSYNC Medley

The whole *NSYNC catalogue was given the Pentatonix treatment, which means awesome harmonies and the songs flowing perfectly together. It will have you falling in love with them all over again.

Matthew Morrison, "Bye Bye Bye"

Glee covered *NSYNC in a "Bye Bye Bye"/"I Want It That Way" mashup, which reminded us that while some people were #TeamBackstreetBoys or #TeamNSync in the 90s, they're not so different after all. Plus, points to Morrison for doing the iconic marionette choreography from the original music video.

Who else wants to see Clarkson try out "Tearin' Up My Heart" next?