How Far Have Clay & Shelli Gone? This 'Big Brother 17' Showmance Is Moving At A Turtle's Pace

Viewers could tell there was a showmance brewing between the two as soon as Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt entered the Big Brother 17 house. The smiles. The longing looks. The flirtation. The alliance. It's all there out in the open for other houseguests to see and for fans of the show to either gush over or scoff at. When this type of romance begins on reality TV, you know there's one question everyone wants answered: "Have they hooked up?" Even though it's not really anybody's business, the fact that Clay and Shelli are on a reality show that tracks their moves 24/7, people are going to start wondering. Plus, Clay and Shelli are together all the time and sleep in the same bed, so, yeah, it's bound to come up in conversation. Well, if you're among the many views wanting to know "how far have Shelli and Clay gone in the Big Brother house?" look no further.

Unlike many other showmances across reality television, Shelli and Clay's is very different. Why? Well, it's moving at a turtle's pace. Guess what? They haven't even kissed yet. The way they act you would think they would have at least kissed, right? I mean, look at this photo of them in bed. Nope, nothing is happening, except for Clay kissing Shelli's neck.

At one point in time, Clay even asked Shelli for a kiss and she said no. If you're a "Slay" fan and are getting discouraged because you want to see some action between them, well, you're probably going to be waiting a long time. According to a Twitter user who follows the Big Brother Live Feeds, Shelli declared she probably won't kiss Clay until they leave the house.

The two recently discussed why they haven't kissed yet, according to a post on a Big Brother updates forum from July 20. Apparently, here's what Clay asked Shelli on July 21: "So, I've been thinking. When you do you think we'll have our first kiss?"

There you have it. No kiss and no hookup, yet. That could all change, but it seems that Shelli is going to stand her ground when it comes to taking their showmance to the next level. Hey, maybe she just wants to take things slow? Or, maybe she's trying to be careful, because there's always the chance that Clay might be playing her (don't yell at me for saying that "Slay" shippers). It is Big Brother, after all.

Whatever the case, this presents a new question: is this showmance even really a showmance?

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS