Best Celebrity Tweets About 'Sharknado 3,' Because Even The A-List Loves The Shark-Filled Goodness

There are just as many celebrity cameos in Sharknado 3 as there are rage-filled, hungry, mean sharks. But even off-screen, the stars were getting in on the fun of the movie, reacting to all the madness on social media. Both stars from the film, and those celebrities who have been watching Sharknado are live-tweeting the TV movie event of the summer, from Tara Reid (who plays April in the movie) and Anne Coulter (who plays the vice president) to David Hasselhoff (who plays our hero Fin's dad).

The third Sharknado movie follows Fin Shepard (played by Ian Ziering) and gang facing merging sharknadoes in Washington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida. The deaths have been crazy, gruesome, and crazy gruesome. The sharks have been mean as hell. And, the celebrity cameos have plentiful. Sharknado 3 has been everything you could possibly want to watch, and to live-tweet about — in one wacky, tongue-in-cheek TV movie centering around a shark-filled tornado disaster. Last year, Sharknado 2's premiere was one of the most tweeted-about events, inspiring one billion Twitter conversations, according to a press release from SyFy.

So what are folks saying about Sharknado 3 this year? Check it out below.

Anne Coulter Has Advice For Nova

Um, OK. The movie's VP had this advice for Nova (played by Cassie Scerbo). (Rude, TBH, because Nova is killing it, bikini and all.)

The Hoff Questions The Realism

Hasselhoff also plays a character who once worked for NASA in the movie, so the movie may not be entirely grounded.

Heather Tom Is Having A Blast

The soap actress has been live-tweeting the movie with glee.

The NBA Imagines What Could Be Worse

Could this be the plot of Sharknado 4?

The Princess Diaries Author Is Tracking The Storm

Meg Cabot checks out the weather report, which says there's 100 percent chance of sharks.

Tara Reid Gets A Little Jealous Of Her On-Screen Co-Star

But she's right. April and Fin have barely been on-screen together, meanwhile Fin and Nova have been bonding a lot.

This NPR Writer Also Has Wardrobe Advice For Nova

Her shirt's gotta be somewhere, right?

NBC's D.C. Affiliate Gets Nostalgic

If only we could get a little Beverly Hills 90210 and Sharknado crossover. That would be brilliant.

Bo Derek Celebrates Her Cameo & Posts A Photo Of a Real Shark

Mark Cuban Considers A Real Presidential Run

After all, he played the president in Sharknado 3.

Image: Kris Connor/NBC