Nicole Richie Reveals Her Style In 60 Seconds

Saying that Nicole Richie has had a style evolution over the last several years is kind of an understatement. In fact, she's basically always switching things up. This year alone she's had both pink and aquamarine hair. Now, the former reality star and business woman is sitting down with the E! network. In the interview, Nicole Richie reveals her favorite lipstick, hair color, and shoes in a sixty second interview where she talks lipstick, her changing hair color, and shoes.

In the interview with E!'s Mark Malkin, Richie is put on the spot about a couple of her favorite things, and we actually learn a lot about the former Simple Life star. Home is her favorite place to be with her gorgeous family, and her favorite snack is a nice helping kale chips. Malkin gives her a hard time about this saying that no one actually enjoys kale, and I'm pretty firmly on his side about that one. Soon though, we get to the pressing beauty and fashion questions. After all, Richie is a talented designer with the House of Harlow line, so obviously I needed to know her favorite beauty secrets.

Though the interview was short, Richie gave some specifics to the audience, and now, you can totally copy her style.

1. Nars Heatwave

When asked what her favorite lipstick is, Richie pauses, mouth wide. Clearly, she's got more than one favorite. However, her expression quickly changed when she remembered Nars Heatwave ($27, Nars)

2. Lavender Hair

Lavender hair is Richie's favorite hair color she's rocked, and I've got to say that while I love it, I also seriously dug her aquamarine look.

3. Shoes

Richie immediately says flats when asked what her favorite shoes are, but Malkin presses her for specifics. That's when we learn that her Celine Oxford Flats are her favorite pair of shoes, and they're gorgeous! ($275,

In case you weren't aware already, Richie's style is on point. Each of her choices is completely on trend, and her shoe choice is super fierce. I love when celebs reveal their beauty and fashion choices, and I'll definitely be grabbing that fierce red lipstick.

Images: Nicole Richie/Instagram (3); Images courtesy of brands