11 Steamy Jon Snow Moments

With the rumors floating around that Jon Snow is still alive, I wanted to once again remind everyone Jon Snow cannot be dead. How do I remind people of that? By talking about those moments every viewer almost fainted because of how sexy and perfect Jon Snow was — is. Before Jon "died," he was the show's resident eye candy and I know that Kit Harington doesn’t like to be objectified, but he was (and still is) the hottest guy on the show. We love Jon Snow for much more than his looks though. He is smart, honorable, and heroic, which is pretty much everything we look for in a man in Westeros. Let’s be honest, if we chose a guy because of his looks in Westeros we would be dead before the one month anniversary. But, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate Jon's good looks, too.

Obviously at this point everyone who isn’t living under a rock knows about Jon Snow’s “death.” I put his death in quotes because everyone knows that the show is filming, and that Kit Harington was spotted in Belfast this week. In case you didn’t know Belfast is where they film Game of Thrones scenes in the north… like The Wall. But, regardless of his future on the show, I'd still like to talk about the moments where Jon Snow was just doing his Jon Snow thing: aka being perfect.

1. Everything In The Cave

Every single moment he was in the cave with Ygritte was beyond swoon-worthy. I mean first his shirt comes off, and then he clearly nailed the whole sex thing on his first try. Just everything in the cave deserves some type of swoon award.

2. Holding Ghost

The first time Jon Snow met his dire wolf was pretty magical because hot guys and puppy wolves are pretty much everything.

3. Joining The Night's Watch

Saving Westeros from beyond the Wall, not allowed to take a wife or leave the wall... pretty damn selfless if you ask me. What a babe.

4. Saving Sam

There were too many times to count when Sam was bullied by the other men of the Night's Watch and Jon Snow came to his rescue. His ability to always save Sam's life is a very attractive quality.

5. Standing Up To Craster

Nobody wanted to stand up and say anything when Craster was hooking up with his daughters and killing boy babies. That is until Jon Snow caught wind of what was going on beyond the Wall. He spoke up and attempted to save the women and babies... he's perfection.

6. Slaying That White Walker

How about the time he straight up murdered a White Walker like it was nothing to him. Yes, please!

7. Shooting Mance Rayder

To swoon over a man he's got to be honorable. When Mance was being burned alive he shot an arrow through his heart, and showed him mercy — even though it meant risking his own safety.

8. Teaching Ygritte About Swooning

This moment is adorable and hot all at the same time. First he teaches her what swooning means, and then he tells her he wants to see her in a silk dress so he can tear it off her. Stop playing with my emotions Jon Snow!

9. Showing His Brotherly Love

Even though we only saw Jon acting as an older brother for about two episodes, he was pretty much the best. He gave Arya her first sword and was there for Bran when he could be (basically when Catelyn wasn't being a total jerk to him).

10. Whenever He Was In Charge

You command those men, Jon Snow!

11. This Moment

This was the moment you wished Jon Snow was stationed in Dorne and not buried under the fur in the north. #westerosproblems.

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; Wifflegif (7); Giphy (4)