This E-Book Changes As You Travel

Brazilian creative agency FCB have made a traveling book nerd's dream come true. Trip Book Smiles is an e-book with GPS, which allows its story — written by Marcelo Rubens Paiva — to change depending on the reader's location. Thus, readers in Rome will find the book's characters meeting at the Coliseum, while those in Paris will experience an encounter at the Eiffel Tower.

Trip Book Smiles isn't an e-book in the traditional sense. You can't buy it in the Kindle Store or download it on Overdrive. Instead, FCB's travel novel is actually an app for Android and iOS tablets. Having geolocation enabled allows readers to experience a localized version of the novel's story.

However, readers don't have to be in one of the book's supported locations — which include Rio de Janeiro, Beunos Aires, New York City, and Lisbon — to enjoy Trip Book Smiles in a particular city. The app allows users to select which version of the story they'd like to read without turning on the GPS function. Additionally, if a Trip Book Smiles reader travels between major cities while engaging with the app, the story will change accordingly.

FCB is marketing Trip Book Smiles to tourists and travelers who want to immerse themselves in the cities they visit, but the app is perfect for staycationers want to explore major cities they haven't yet visited. If the story is anything like the promotional video above, the story is fresh, emotional, and absolutely gorgeous. Anyone planning a late vacation or longing for a second one should take along Trip Book Smiles with them.

Image: FCB Brazil/YouTube