Birkenstocks are classics. Once relegated to hippies and free spirits, now they're a household name for all who love footwear. But given their decidedly crunchy granola roots, you might be wondering — are Birkenstocks vegan? Some styles are, but just because you own a pair of the iconic sandals or clogs, that doesn't mean you're making a vegan choice. Most of them do, in fact, contain animal products. For example, most of the signature one and two-strap flip flops contain real leather in the strap and suede in the lining. Same goes for the clogs.

You can find both clog-style and flip flop-style sandals that are completely vegan, but your choices are limited to just a few styles. Luckily, those styles come in a pretty decent selection of patterns and colors. And as an added bonus, most of them are waterproof and they float, making them the perfect shoe for boating, pool and beach adventures. Just make sure that when you're choosing your vegan Birkenstocks, you order from the vegan section of their website or check the product descriptions to verify you're not getting the leather sandals. Some vegan styles look pretty similar to the real leather and suede version, especially the vegan microfiber clogs. Here is a sample of the vegan offerings to help you chose your responsible footwear responsibly.

1. Iconic one-strap

These one-straps come in red, navy, black and white. They're currently the only vegan flip flop-style offering. (Birkenstock Madrid EVA, $20,

2. Classic clog

This is the lower profile classic clog, made from polyeurethane. It comes in blue, black, brown and green. And it floats! You can also sometimes find this style in vegan microfiber, which looks and feels like suede. (Birki's Classic Birki Blue Polyurethane in blue, $55,

3. Full-backed clog

This one has the widest variety of vegan colors and prints, ranging from this skull print to your classic black. (Birkenstock Profi Birki Clog Black Skull Polyurethane, $95

Depending on where your beliefs lie, you can also find both types of clogs, plus slippers in natural wool felt. While it is an animal product, some conscious buyers aren't opposed depending on how the lambs are raised and how the wool is gathered and processed.

Images: Birkenstock