Gigi Hadid Channels Her Inner Minnie Mouse

It’d be difficult not to enjoy a day at Disneyland, but there are a couple of celebs who seem to have way more fun at the theme park than most people. Gigi Hadid sported Minnie Mouse ears while at Disneyland, and she’s not alone in her love of the famous character. That’s right — she and North West are equally obsessed. How darling is that?

Now, it’s hard to beat out little Nori when it comes to a lot of things, especially cuteness, but Hadid comes pretty close with this latest look. Keeping it casual, she wore distressed denim, sneakers and a tee, but topped her day-at-Disney attire off with ears and a red pout. She didn’t go as far as getting her face painted to look like Minnie, just like Miss. West did, but the look was still very sweet and completely age appropriate. So, I’d say the model is a pretty close second to being the best Minnie. I couldn’t dethrone the product of Kimye that easily, you know?

See Hadid’s fashionable Disneyland excursion and Minnie-inspired look compared to the times the trend-setting toddler channeled the character, as well. Then, judge their looks for yourself. May the cutest Minnie win! This is about to be the most adorable showdown ever.

She's having the best day of her life at Disneyland.

It's like being a kid again.

She makes a great Minnie. I mean, she's even got Mickey fooled!

That moment when you can make mouse ears look fashionable.

Now isn't that just the best thing you've ever seen?

Getting her face all done, just like Mommy.

Too sweet!

I still think North West reigns supreme, but I mean, they're both just too much right now. The only thing that could be better is for them to dress up and go to Disneyland together. I see a play-date in their future! North, have your people get in touch with Gigi's people, OK?