12 'I Am Cait' Quotes That Will Inspire You

Anyone who saw her say "I am a woman" on 20/20 or witnessed even a moment of her ESPYs acceptance speech should not have been surprised to see Caitlyn Jenner deliver inspiring quotes on I Am Cait when it premiered Sunday night. Viewers may have only seen one episode so far, but in that first hour, the series delivered a wealth of beautiful dialogue from everyone who appeared. Of course, Caitlyn herself delivered the most beautiful messages, and her ability to articulate her own emotions and perspective in a way that touches anyone, regardless of their gender or experiences, is truly impressive.

Here are some of Caitlyn's greatest quotes from the premiere of I Am Cait, many of which focused on helping other transgender people who may be struggling or hiding their true selves.

"What I want is to create understanding so the next person doesn't have to be like me [and hide for so long.]"
"What can we do to make a difference here?"
"I don't want people dying over this."
"I have such a responsibility. I hope I get it right."
"We're going to make a difference in this world, that's my mission."
"It's not this way for everybody. The suicide rate [for transgender people] is nine times higher. People are dying over this issue."
"The most important thing in your life if being true to yourself."
"I hope I'm in a position to turn around and support this community."
"I can't speak for them, because I don't know their experience but I am an expert on my experience."

Caitlyn also said things that, though said in reference to her own journey, can be taken in a broader context about being true to one's self, no matter what others say. The first comes from when Kim Kardashian told Caitlyn, "You literally look like Kendall, like Kendall's mom," and she responded by reiterating that she is no one but herself.

"I think I look like me."
"There's so many people who don't have a voice."
"We need more tolerance and empathy towards other people."

Again, all 12 of these quotes came from one single episode of I Am Cait. I can only imagine how many more touching words she'll say as the series continues this summer.

Image: James White/E! Entertainment