September's 16 Best Beauty Launches, As Curated By Bustle Editors

Including a roll-on perfume and de-puffing toner pads.

September 2023's best beauty launches, according to our editors.
Beauty Editor Picks
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We’ve been sensing the approach of fall for some time now, but since it’s *officially* here — and summer’s steamy, humid temperatures have already become a distant memory — beauty girlies know it’s time to get our skin, hair, and makeup routines in autumnal order.

This of course means trusty exfoliants, luxe balms, deeper fragrances, and more moody makeup hues. And September’s best beauty product launches have clearly understood the assignment. Take, for instance, the rich and spicy cherry perfume from 7 Virtues, which smells like a crisp walk amongst sweet florals. There’s also a new moisturizer drop from Kora Organics that features skin-firming plant stem cells. And Kylie Cosmetics graced us with another hit with her Power Plush Longwear Concealer — a product our beauty writer says “melts into the complexion for a seamless, ‘your skin but better’ finish.”

Even if you’re already bummed about the return of cooler temps, rest assured that this month’s beauty launches are going to excite you (and make your skin very happy). Keep scrolling to shop Bustle’s picks of the must-buy drops of September.


The Skin-Smoothing Moisturizer

“Housed in the brand's signature crystal-inspired glass jar, this Retinol Alternative Moisturizer has quickly become a staple in my nighttime skin care routine (and doesn't require the pesky adjustment period that prescribed retinoids come with). A perfect anti-aging formula, the soft purple cream feels lush and luxe yet lightweight on the skin — and contains plumping peptides, fine line-smoothing bakuchiol, hydrating ceramides, and protective antioxidants.” — Olivia Rose Rushing, beauty writer


The Spicy Fragrance

“Ever since first spritzing Cherry Ambition, I've been obsessed with how sensual and subtly spiced it smells on my skin. Rich and juicy in its own decadent way thanks to dark cherries and plum, this perfume is definitely not a typical cherry scent. Instead of having a medicinal cough syrup vibe, the heated saffron, lively pink pepper, warm vanilla, and smoky woods create a complex aroma that's brimming with seduction.” — ORR


The Multitasking cleanser

“It's pretty rare that something entirely unique comes across my desk, but Day Melt has completely blown me away (and all of the Bustle beauty girlies, too). It’s a two-in-one cleanser that begins as an olive oil-based balm that completely loosens up even the toughest mascara formulas. When you add a bit of water, it transforms into a milky cleanser that beautifully washes the day away. What's more, the cellulose ingredient acts as an ultra-light exfoliation that isn't too harsh for my sensitive skin, and the earthy, apothecary-like aroma creates a truly luxe experience for every wash.” — ORR


The Concealer

“Creamy, weightless, and buildable, Kylie's new Power Plush Concealers provide powerful coverage, all while melting into the complexion for a seamless, ‘your skin but better’ finish. Filled with skin-loving ingredients like calming rose flower extract, soothing vitamin E, and panthenol (which is essentially a juicy moisturizing agent), the formula glides onto the skin without creating unwanted cakiness or texture. Major win.” — ORR


The Hydrating SPF

“Real sunscreen connoisseurs know that some of the most innovative formulas come from Asia — and this SPF from Bioré Japan is further proof. The texture is like a watery cream that splashes onto the skin for feel-good sun protection. My skin feels divinely moisturized when I wear it, and it’s nice and smooth under makeup. I’m so grateful it’s now available stateside.” — Rachel Lapidos, senior beauty & lifestyle editor


The Makeup Remover

“Sometimes, removing makeup feels like a full-on chore. For nights when I’m feeling lazy, this B.F.M.R. Mist — which stands for best f*cking makeup remover, BTW — is a godsend. You literally just spritz the silky elixir onto your face, massage, and rinse. All of your glam will be gone, and your face will feel so soft.” — RL


The De-Puffing Facial Tool

“I’m not good at regularly using beauty tools, but that changed once I tried the Le Glacon Ice Roller. It basically delivers a cryofacial at home. I just whip it out of the freezer, glide it all over my skin post-cleansing, and enjoy the end results: a reduction in redness and puffiness. All it takes is a quickie tension-relieving massage that I look forward to doing in the morning.” — RL


The Roll-On Perfume Stick

“State of Change is a fragrance brand that values transparency, clean, safe ingredients, and sustainability — and it does all this without sacrificing on quality. The second I smelled the State of Joy perfume, I was transported: It’s sweet and fruity with notes of pineapple, peach, and florals, and sensual warmth is added in by way of white musk and toasted almond. Besides smelling amazing, it comes in stick form and a plastic-free tube, so it’s better for the planet.” — RL


The Toner Pads

“Speaking of cryofacials... this is not your run-of-the-mill toner. Facialist Sofie Pavitt gave skin care lovers a real win with these pads that you stick in the freezer and then roll over your skin — but they do more than tone. Since they’re frozen, they immediately pep up tired, puffy skin and calm breakouts. And, with their glycerin, green tea, niacinamide, and ashwagandha-packed formula, these little discs leave your complexion brighter, more soothed, and primed for the rest of your routine. I can’t get enough of them.” — RL


The Lip-To-Cheek

“I was already intrigued by this product’s name, but it won me over the second I applied it. It really feels like you’re water-coloring your face: You can swipe it onto your lips and/or cheeks, and the sheer, buildable formula delivers a perfect tint of color for a glow — all while feeling nice and juicy.” — RL


The Blemish Protector

“This is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. The lightweight gel-balm is meant to be applied to your blemishes or wounds so it can work as a shield that protects them from external factors that could exacerbate them. It feels like a primer, too, so your makeup goes smoothly on top. I like that it gives me peace of mind when I’m trying to fight breakouts.” — RL


The Brow Gel

“My coarse brows have a mind of their own and grow in every which direction, but this brow gel from brow artist Robin Lynn Evans sculpts them into place without leaving any residue behind. I love the skinny brow brush and how it grabs every brow hair and freezes them in the exact direction I want.” — Faith Xue, beauty director, BDG


The Glitzy Eyeshadow

“Addiction Tokyo just arrived stateside from Japan, and I've been obsessed with all of their shimmery, pearlescent eyeshadows. This shade Just Gifted is a soft taupe with purple undertones and flecks of iridescent shimmer. I apply it alone for a sheer holographic effect, or on top of my matte eyeshadow to add a touch of sparkle.” — FX


The Intoxicating Scent

“I'm obsessed with all of Le Labo's City exclusive scents, but the newest one — Myrrhe 55 — has a special spot in my heart because it's inspired by my hometown of Shanghai. It's an intoxicating mix of smoky myrrh, jasmine, and incense, and spritzing it on in the morning is an instant dopamine boost.” — FX


The Brightening Serum

“This milky serum from Motif has been my newest favorite addition to my skin care routine. The bottle is stunning, and the brand uses pineapple extract, bakuchiol, and brown algae to brighten. After a week of use, I swear my skin looks brighter and smoother.” — FX


The Gel Cream

“I already count Dieux's Instant Angel moisturizer as a holy grail, but my combination skin rejoiced when I heard they were launching a lighter moisturizer specifically for oily and acne-prone skin. Air Angel's texture is a gel cream that sinks in instantly and leaves my skin feeling softly hydrated. It's nourishing enough to use at night, but it's perfect for daytime because it hydrates without clogging.” — FX