19 Fall Perfumes That Are Basically Autumn In A Bottle

Bring on the cozy vibes.

These are the fall 2022 perfumes & fragrances that are perfect for sweater weather.
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As beach days begin to slow down and summer tans start to fade away (unless you’re into faux glows year round, of course), the promise of a new chapter and warm, cozy aromas so associated with the fall season start to creep in. And given the heat waves ever present the last few months — chillier mornings, steamy pumpkin chai lattes, and knit sweaters are very much welcome ASAP in my book.

While summer scents are often centered around fragrances inspired by luxe travel destinations, salty sea air, fruity cocktails, and sun-kissed flower petals — fall perfumes tend to wrap around you, like a comforting cashmere blanket or the arms of a loved one.

In other words? Expect many perfume aficionados to fully embrace notes like spiced cardamom, heated amber, sensual leather, yummy vanilla, earthy patchouli, and sensual woods. If you’re in need of a fresh new signature scent for the fall 2022 season, it might be one of the 19 fabulous fall perfumes that are listed below.

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Like an olfactive expression of fiery sunsets seen through red and orange leaves, Saffron Dusk is the ideal fragrance for fall. Leather, pepper, and vetiver swirl together for a scent that’s truly filled with warmth and seduction.


In a word, TOCCA’s newest dry body oil is intoxicating. Inspired by the sultry aura of Cleopatra herself, the aroma is made bright by way of juicy grapefruit, which quickly melts away as dreamy jasmine and earthy patchouli take centerstage. Obsessed.


Melting into your skin for a true self-love moment, Bare has that je ne sais quoi by way of dreamy sandalwood, otherworldly violet petals, intoxicating musks, and a soft mandarin note that adds a touch of warmth.


Jo Malone’s Moonlit Camomile is reminiscent of a late night autumn stroll, with a slight chill in the air and the moon’s silvery light illuminating the way. The chamomile tea note adds a soothing softness, while unique blue florals and white musks add an aura of sensual curiosity.


For an eau so luxe experience, look no further than Louis Vuitton’s newest scent inspired by the Saudi Arabian desert. A buttery, heated oud note is complemented by honeyed floral nectars for a unique, ultra-refined scent.


Reminiscent of freshly picked red apples, MCM Ultra is a scent that beautifully balances playfulness and sophistication. Bright pink peppercorn bursts open with apple and apricot nectar, while golden amber, warm tonka bean, and smooth cedarwood create an intoxicating signature.


Dark and daring, Wild Tobacco is the perfect marriage of smoky herbs, honey, and warm vanilla.


For vanilla lovers who want something a bit darker for fall, Wild Vanilla Orchid has a warm, earthy depth by way of blooming jasmine, complex cassis, and grounding sandalwood that surrounds your senses.


An earthy, spiced aroma with a unique constellation of notes, this fragrance’s mix of toasted coriander, bold pepper, meditative sage, dry clove, and grounded geranium create a stunningly complex aroma for fall.


For the coffee obsessed, Coffee Break is a fragrance that’s exactly as you’d imagine it would be. With the essence of freshly brewed coffee at the heart of this aroma, there is a certain depth and sophistication with bold tonka bean, awakening orange flower, and creamy cedarwood.


Inspired by leather saddles and the mountains of Colorado, Telluride is bold, peppery, and smooth, and features notes of suede, sandalwood, and tonka bean.


For those that work from home (myself included), the aroma in your space is just as important as what’s on your skin. Brimming with notes of earthy rose, fiery saffron, and woody nutmeg, Venus Et Fleur’s Rose Oud Room Spray is the perfect scent to cozy up indoors ... And I’d be lying if I didn’t mention I’ve dabbed a bit onto my wrists. It’s that good.


Deep, sensual, and completely gender neutral, Dark Is Night is a richly woody aroma. Powerful patchouli dances with a warm, delectable vanilla note for a scent that truly entices those around you.


For those that prefer something a bit more light and fresh (even for fall), Eau & Magnolia is just that. Notes of clean neroli, romantic magnolia, and cloud-like sandalwood softly caress your skin for a scent that’s dreamy, yet eau so subtle and elegant. What’s more? It layers beautifully on top of heavier, more wooded scents, so play away.


This TikTok-famous fragrance sold out for a reason ... And as the weather changes, this nostalgia-inducing aroma is the perfect choice for those who want something that isn’t too overpowering. Like golden hour in a bottle, bergamot nectar is met with sheer jasmine and blonde woods for a fragrance that truly caresses your skin with sensuality and warmth.


Much like the few weeks in fall that still have a bit of summer heat, Iris Bloom is filled with sun-kissed warmth by way of mandarin, orange blossom, and saffron, as well as a coziness from creamy sandalwood and rich oud.


DÉJÀ VU wraps around your skin like a luxurious, faux fur blanket. Inspired by the rich culture of the Middle East, earthy tuberose and lush gardenia are met with a deep sandalwood note for a white floral fragrance that exudes a sultry warmth.


Technically a layering scent meant to enhance the signature of whichever perfume you prefer, I’ve been into wearing Milk on its own and am loving it. Filled with exotic bergamot, dreamy white musk, and warm amber, the aroma lies close to your skin and has a cocooning effect.


For those that are still clinging to those warm summer days, this body oil is the perfect transitional scent that doesn’t lean tropical or fruity. With notes of sunny ylang ylang, rich ambergris, and creamy sandalwood, the formula is ultra-luxe and filled with skin-loving benefits.