18 Chocolate Perfumes For Fall 2023 That Smell Mouthwatering & Modern

From decadent dark cocoa to creamy white chocolate notes.

Here are the best sweet-smelling chocolate perfumes from Victoria's Secret, By Rosie Jane, and more ...
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No matter the season (or weather), chocolate lovers would likely agree that the yummy aroma of decadent iced mochas and rich hot cocoa topped with whipped cream is all things soothing and enticing to the senses. And while heavier gourmand aromas like chocolate are often associated with the colder months in perfumery, different expressions of the yummy note can make it a perfect fragrance for any time of year.

ICYWW, the term “gourmand” refers to any fragrance that is delectable, and most often features yummy notes of vanilla, caramel, marshmallow, and the like. Chocolate, of course, is very much in that so-good-you-want-to-taste-it category. Frank Voelkl, the Firmenich perfumer who created Victoria’s Secret’s newest launch, Tease Cocoa Soirée, shares with Bustle that “chocolate notes can be expressed in many ways.” What’s more, “a natural cocoa extract has a little bit of a bitter aspect, and the flavor and headspace ingredients [that are unique to Firmenich] bring more of the sweet, creamy, and gourmand facets.”

While chocolate is a note that’s present in quite a few classic scents — namely Mugler’s Angel, which in fact created the gourmand category back in 1992 — the delicious note is found in quite a few celeb-fronted perfumes, too.

A few worth mentioning? Billie Eilish’s first fragrance offering, Eilish, is enriched with warm cocoa, Sabrina Carpenter’s Sweet Tooth Caramel Dream features dark chocolate bean, and Ariana Grande’s MOD Vanilla is made all the more soft and dreamy with creamy cocoa.

Craving a brand new scent for the fall and winter months ahead? Below, find 18 chocolate-filled perfumes for your every mood.

A fresh new launch from Victoria’s Secret, Tease Cocoa Soirée is defined by whipped mocha, earthy freesia petals, and decadent berries. “The way we used dark cocoa in this creation was in a more subliminal way that wasn’t overt or obvious, yet still adding a hint of warmth and sensuality,” Voelkl notes.

Creamy and fresh, Matcha Meditation is filled with the scents of white chocolate, bergamot, matcha tea, and a touch of moss.

Playful and sweet, Viva La Juicy Sucré brings with it a whole lot of Y2K-era nostalgic as notes of juicy peach nectar, sugared whipped cream, and rich cocoa powder dance around you.

A deep, dark expression of the decadent chocolate note, snif’s House of 8 is made all the more smoky and sensual by way of buttery sage, rich vanilla, smooth sandalwood, and purple floral petals.

Housed in an adorable bottle that looks like a bar of milky chocolate, Sweet Tooth Caramel Dream à la songstress Sabrina Carpenter is filled with the most delectable notes: dark chocolate bean, vanilla, almond milk, caramelized amber, and hints of orange zest.

Adding some serious luxury to your fragrance wardrobe, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille is a sensuous, full-bodied perfume that is filled with notes of vanilla, tobacco leaf, dried fruits, and delicious cocoa.

A true gourmand fragrance that creates a sweet cloud of vanilla around the wearer, MOD Vanilla features notes of decadently juicy plum, lush praline, dreamy vanilla musks, and creamy cocoa.

Seductively sweet, Good Girl is defined by elegant jasmine, creamy almond, cocoa, warm tonka bean, and dark coffee.

Dulce taps delicious notes of sweet vanilla, bitter dark chocolate, and a smooth Hinoki wood for a total skin-treat.

A brand known for its cult-fave aroma known as the “Brazilian Bum Bum” scent, Cheirosa ’71 is truly just as radiant and delicious. As for the featured notes? Toasted macadamia nut, tonka bean, and whipped white chocolate take centerstage.

Byredo’s Velvet Haze is truly opulence in a bottle, as the aromas of sheer coconut water and dry patchouli leaves melt with the essences of cotton musks, and cocoa absolu.

The sweet aroma of frothy vanilla collides with more earthy notes by way of warm cocoa shells, sultry frangipani flower petals, and softly woody amyris to give Vanilla Milk an aura of unexpected elegance.

Inspired by the seedy speakeasies of the Prohibition Era, Speakeasy is brimming with notes of smokey incense, heated saffron, resinous licorice, and a blend of patchouli, vanilla, and dark chocolate at the perfume’s signature.

An indie launch that makes a statement on any vanity, Moonlight features the dreamy aromas of shimmering mandarin, sensuous plum, spiced chocolate, and vanilla-soaked tobacco.

An amped up version of the classic before it, Fantasy Intense is brimming with alluring notes of juicy pear, chocolate orchid, bright kiwi, and a yummy cupcake accord.

A classic perfume that is an embodiment of the gourmand fragrance category, Mugler’s Angel offers a complex sweetness by way of apricot, jasmine flower, praline, caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and patchouli notes.

An intimate second-skin scent, Billie Eilish’s debut perfume, Eilish, features softly sweet notes of sugared flower petals, decadent cocoa, and creamy vanilla.

With an endless collection of scents that are meant to be layered and played with, Demeter Fragrance Library’s Chocolate Chip Cookie smells as yummy as it sounds.