How To Recreate Sabrina Carpenter's Bombshell Blowout At Home

Straight from her hairstylist.

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How to recreate Sabrina Carpenter's hair at home, straight from her stylist.
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You can’t blame a girl for trying to get hair exactly like Sabrina Carpenter’s. The singer’s strands are the perfect mix of retro meets glam, which is right on par with the ’90s supermodel revival. And when you add in the fact she’s always rocking the world’s fluffiest curtain bangs, it takes the look to a whole other level.

While Carpenter’s waves are worthy of the stage, her go-to hairstylist, Kiley Fitz, says you can easily recreate the look at home. Fitz, who first met the singer on a photoshoot in Mexico at the end of 2022, says they originally went for soft styles for editorial images and music videos, but have since switched to big, bombshell waves.

“One day on tour, Sabrina was asking me my favorite kind of hairstyle to do and I said the bombshell blowout,” Fitz tells Bustle. And Carpenter was totally on board. “It's such a good look for her,” she says. “It fits her personality and it looks good on stage and in music videos, so that's her signature at this point — the glam, big bangs, all that good stuff.”

According to Fitz, the best thing about this hairstyle is that it’s impossible to mess up. “We'll do it before a show and it'll be really curly and really bouncy at first. Then, as Sabrina’s dancing and moving on stage, her hair still has that curl and texture and bounce, but it softens a lot,” she says. “For somebody who isn't performing, like me, if you did this blowout at the beginning of the week, it would last three, four, or five days.”

Carpenter’s hair is naturally wavy, but Fitz says this look works on a variety of textures and lengths. Below, she explains how to recreate Sabrina Carpenter’s hair at home.

1. Start With Damp Hair

Fitz recommends starting with damp hair, as that’ll make your bangs easier to style. Bonus points if you use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner like the ones from Monday Haircare, as well as a volumizing spray. “Those are awesome to prep your hair with,” she says.

2. Get Your Wrap On

Fitz uses a Dyson Airwrap to curl Carpenter’s bangs. To get the look at home, try rolling your bangs in your Airwrap and pulling your hair forward once or twice, then twisting it back until your strands fall in a way that frames your face.

3. Rough Dry Your Bangs

Another option for styling your fringe is the rough dry technique. Use a blow dryer to blast your bangs while they’re damp. Once most of the moisture is out, use a round brush to add volume by lifting up at the roots as you dry. Pull the brush to the left, then to the right, then backwards. That way, your bangs will part in the middle and fall back and away from your face.

4. Section Your Hair

To dry the rest of your hair, create two sections: a front portion and a back portion. Use a round brush to blow dry all around your head. If you have fine hair, focus on adding volume by rough drying and lifting at the root. If your hair is curly, add volume while smoothing your hair with the round brush.

5. Add Curl

The round brush will add curl, but you can also place two rollers at the top of your head for extra volume, as well as pin curls on your ends. To pin curl, loosely swirl your hair into a circle then clamp with a pin to hold in place. For waves that last, try spraying your hair with a soft hairspray while the pins are still in.

Fitz says she blows dries around Carpenter’s head, adding the pin curls as she goes. “It's just all pin curls and blowout,” she explains. “Then I take it out and reinforce the curl with a big, one-inch curling iron.”

6. Brush Out The Curls

“Once you take everything out, brush through it and add some dry shampoo just at the root for a little bit extra body,” Fitz says. Brushing out the curls is what turns them into big waves.

7. Spritz On Hairspray

Once your hair is dry, apply a little bit of oil on the ends for shine, and then another light spritz of soft hairspray. The goal is to create soft waves that move, so avoid anything too crunchy like gel or extra-strong hairspray.

8. Sleep In A Scrunchie

The beauty of this blowout is that it lasts for several days. At first, it’s really bouncy, curly, and voluminous, says Fitz, and then it falls into looser, romantic curls as the week goes on. To extend the life of your style, she recommends using a soft scrunchie to pull your hair into a low ponytail while you sleep.

“On the first couple of days, a low pony's fine because it has so much body,” Fitz says. “But then towards the end of the week, I'll flip my head over, twist my hair into a really soft bun, and then secure it with a soft hair tie. When you wake up, it almost reinforces that curl and looks really pretty.”

9. Apply More Dry Shampoo

Around day three or four, apply dry shampoo to your roots as needed to absorb any oil. This will extend your blowout two to three more days — and it also means you get to extend the life of your handiwork.

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