5 Perfume Trends To Try For National Fragrance Day

Your new signature scent is here.

National Fragrance Day has arrived, and it’s clear that 2022 is coming in hot with some serious scent trends.

From sustainably-sourced fragrance ingredients to electric campaigns that paint the beauty world in technicolor, here are five expert-recommended perfume trends (and the scents you need to shop now).

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Second-Skin Scents

Fragrance has a way of being deeply personal and sensually evocative, blending with your skin’s natural scent to exude a unique aura that’s truly all your own. The second-skin trend is defined by a perfume’s ability to lie close to one’s skin, creating a sensual experience for the wearer, as well as those close enough to breathe in the intoxicating aroma.

Phlur’s Missing Person has recently taken the beauty world by storm by way of viral TikTok reviews, acting as a stunning new addition to the trend. The memory-inducing scent features a skin-musk note that is only enhanced and deepened by sheer jasmine and smooth sandalwood. The result is a truly nostalgic, individual experience, said to embody the scent of your loved one. Comfortingly warm and deeply cocooning, I can agree that the sold-out fragrance achieves just that, personally existing as a sweet reminder of my soon-to-be husband.

Eau So Sustainable

It’s no secret that sustainability is a total buzzword throughout the fragrance, beauty, and fashion space — and for good reason. Fragrance is so closely tied to our planet, harnessing the power of our world’s most precious raw materials, and often crafted to embody some of nature’s most magical, sensually inspiring aromas. Increasingly so, beauty lovers want products that push the boundaries to protect the planet in innovative ways, allowing them to shop consciously and with Earth’s well-being in mind.

Clement Gavarry, a Senior Perfumer at Firmenich (one of the top fragrance houses in the industry and leader in sustainability) gives Bustle some insight: “At Firmenich, innovation is driven by what today’s consumer is looking for, and we recognize that these sentiments are constantly evolving. Overall, the trend for renewable and biodegradable ingredients is gaining tremendous momentum in the fragrance industry worldwide.”

Gavarry goes on to express how he incorporates sustainable, natural materials in his fragrance creations: “I always like to incorporate some of our [sustainably- sourced ingredients from our Firmenich Naturals Together collection] such as vetiver from Haiti or vanilla from Madagascar — highly precious as you can imagine! I used some of this amazing vetiver in Estée Lauder’s recent Blushing Sands.”

Furthermore, the interest in sustainability goes beyond the harvesting of raw materials, being implemented in fragrance packaging and shipping methods. Ever-innovative indie brand Floral Street, for example, houses each perfume in a groundbreaking pulp carton package made from recycled paper, safely wrapped with a reusable band. Not only is it completely biodegradable, but the brand encourages reuse with creative repurposing, as well as challenging its competitors in the space to make conscious sustainability more commonplace.

Travel Lust, Bottled

For many (myself included), fragrance is a daily escape and a deliberate decision to “travel” with scent. Countless campaigns and formulas alike are centered around this desire to simply escape — whether that means spritzing your way to the Maldives, or perhaps the luxe deserts of the Midwest.

Indie brand Ellis Brooklyn recently launched Sun Fruit, its newest fragrance that instantly transports you to the white-sand beaches of the tropical vacation of your dreams. Juicy pear, oceanside jasmine, and creamy coconut satiate the wanderer in us all, allowing for a sweet getaway no matter where you are.

The brand’s founder, Bee Shapiro, shared with Bustle the inspiration behind the solar scent: “Long ago, I went to Positano and the Amalfi Coast. I actually fell in love with lovely little Ravello, and I still dream of those sunny days. That's where the idea for Sun Fruit came from — that joy of the Italian Coast with a dose of Emily Dickinson's poem on forbidden fruit. It's both happiness and temptation in one.”

In Full Bloom

While florals are a total mainstay in the fragrance world, especially within the feminine market, this trend is all about a full-bodied heart, boldly brimming with an intricate bouquet of powerfully complex blooms.

Not long ago, Kim Kardashian added three new fragrances to the KKW Fragrance collection with her longtime friend and family florist, Jeff Leatham. Each perfume is just as statement making as the cascading, room-filling floral arrangements everyone associates with the Kardashian family (yes, Leatham created the infamous Kravis proposal moment with countless red roses), and feature some of the mogul’s favorite blooms — like luxe gardenia, earthy tuberose, elegant jasmine, and sunny ylang ylang.

From springtime and beyond, decadent floral aromas are leaving their mark — and Leatham isn’t the only professional florist to try their hand in the fragrance world. Itika Oldwine-Grimble, a prominent LA-based florist who has designed arrangements for the likes of Oprah, Beyonce, and more, has recently launched her first perfume under her brand OldVine Fragrance — Meadow Bloom Eau De Parfum. The aroma is dreamy, dewy, and whimsical, with notes of wild freesia, calming waterlily, and stunningly smooth vanilla orchid immediately taking you to a romantic field of infinite flower petals.

Life In Technicolor

2022 — across beauty, fashion, and lifestyle categories — is unequivocally defined by a desire to live a more joyful and electric life. With bold-hued runway moments and bright blush looks a plenty, the colorfully playful trend can also be seen in recent fragrance launches.

Huda Beauty’s sister brand, Kayali, most recently added its juiciest scent yet to its already-impressive olfactive library — Eden Juicy Apple. Accompanied by a larger than life campaign with neon lights, eye-catching graphics, and sentiments of those wild nights with friends, the mouthwatering scent brings out the bold and beautiful in us all with a few spritzes.

Another one of Clement Gavarry’s creations in collaboration with fellow Firmenich perfumer, Gabriela Chelariu, Eden Juicy Apple is fruity and vibrant. Bursting open with a deliciously juicy red apple note, intoxicating dark berries, and bright pink grapefruit, the heart of this aroma blooms with sweet raspberry blossom, fresh jasmine, and rich rose centifolia. Warm and delectable, the signature of this perfume wraps itself around you, as creamy vanilla orchid, sugared moss, and a sensual musk linger through even the most reckless nights (that often turn into unforgettable early mornings).