5 Summer Pedicure Ideas That Give *Major* Gemini Energy

Playful and expressive is the vibe.

Gemini season, which starts on May 21, sits squarely on the cusp of spring’s fresh-start energy and summer’s carefree vibes. In a way, those joyfully extroverted feelings that come as we begin to look ahead toward beach days and rooftop nights truly define the essence of the air sign. Geminis are outgoing, curious, and incredibly intelligent, and these core traits translate to the sign’s nail preferences, too.

In terms of polish colors, Geminis tend to lean towards soft yellow tones, shades of blue, futuristic silver, and even an occasional pop of pale pink. As for nail art, pearlescent finishes and elegant pearl adornments are a perfect way to embrace the sign’s birthstone, and statement-making chrome and conversation-starting details are to be expected.

This unique aesthetic is a major green flag not only for manicures, but for pedicures, too. Think: Cute floral designs on top of butter yellow polish; two-toned toe designs; and chrome-tipped Frenchies on the feet. Geminis are known to be the most playful of the zodiac signs, and they want their pedicures to be just as much fun as the personalities that go along with them.

Whether your sun sign is Gemini, you have Gemini placements in your natal chart, or you simply want to celebrate the zodiac’s season — here are 5 pedicure ideas that are perfect for the weeks ahead.

Pearly White Chrome

This milky, off-white toe polish color with a softly chromatic finish gives off the look and feel of pearls, which is reminiscent of the sign’s elegant birthstone.

Sky Blue French Tips

These pastel blue-colored Frenchies, inspired by the optimistim-inducing color of a clear summer sky, are perfect for airy Gemini season.

Sunny Yellow Floral Pedi

Yellow is known for its energetic, adaptable nature — so it makes sense that this shade is the one most closely associated with Geminis who share these same traits. This vibrant pedicure makes the shade feel even happier than usual by decorating it with a few dainty springtime florals on a single signature nail.

Futuristic Silver Chrome Frenchies

The air sign is ruled by Mercury — the planet of communication and technology. A futuristic silver chrome-tipped pedi honors just that.

Colorfully Two-Toned Toes

Geminis are represented by the twins, making this two-toned pedicure the perfect way to represent their innate duality.