13 Milky White Nail Polish Colors For A Clean, Minimalist Manicure

It’s giving vanilla girl aesthetic.

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When it comes to buzzy manicure trends, the nail art aficionados of the world are often in one of two opposing categories. There are the major maximalists who are fans of all things uniquely textured, intricately designed, and extra bedazzled. And on the other end of spectrum, you have the low-key mani minimalists who much prefer that “your nails but better” look à la soft glazed donut tips, vanilla French sets, and beyond.

If you just so happen to typically fall under the category of the latter — you already know that milky white and off-white nail polishes (both sheer and opaque) are a total need-to-have in your personal collection. What’s more, you’re likely aware that finding the ideal streak-free pure white polish is a bit of a challenge for at-home painting.

Whether you’re a subtle or extra when it comes to your nails, however, nail pros have all agreed that white is a major color for summer. And especially against sun-kissed skin, it’s a timeless color that you can’t go wrong choosing.

About that “vanilla girl aesthetic” life (that’s literally taking over TikTok at the moment)? From creamy and jelly-like off-white hues, to milky, purely opaque white lacquers that are perfect for early 2000s-esque classic French tips — here are the 13 essential white nail polish hues for the ultimate vanilla-inspired manicure (and matching pedicure, too).


A beloved polish — that is the exact color used by Zola Ganzorigt to achieve the vanilla French manicure look on clients like Adele and Kylie Jenner — this OPI staple is a must-have near-white lacquer.


Crisp, bright, and elegant, this Color Dept. shade is milky perfection.


Dreamy and sheer, this JINsoon polish is inspired by skin-veiling organza fabric.


Fully opaque with two coats, this Olive & June hue is a true white.


Treat your fingertips and toes to this Tenoverten polish. It is soft and sheer with one coat, building to a fuller opaque look with another layer.


A subtle, pink-hued white lacquer, Static Nails took inspiration from the natural color of a coconut.


A part of its newest Disney Collection, this Nailtopia polish inspired by Minnie Mouse is a pure white.


A sheer, cloudy white polish, Essie’s Marshamallow is a timeless staple.


A true milky-white polish, this subtly off-white polish from Lights Lacquer paints smoothly on your nails.