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Ghd’s New Blow Dry Brush Is So Good, I Threw Out My Other Hair Tools

Bustle’s beauty writer tests the buzzy tool ahead of its launch, with impressive results.

Two round hair styling brushes with handles, one black and one white, on a reflective dark surface.
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In theory, a hairbrush blowdryer is genius — especially for girlies on the go who want salon-quality blowouts on the regular and from the comfort of their homes. In reality, if you’ve ever gotten your hands on one, you’re probably not alone in realizing that such tools often leave your hair tangled in the bristles, with endless breakage and flyaways, and perhaps even smelling a bit...well, burnt.

For those reasons, I had generally given up on the category, finding that the results aren’t worth damaging my fine, color-treated hair. That is, until ghd, a leader in next-level hair tools, sent me their latest innovation that nixes every brush blowdryer woe I’ve ever had — and even addresses some I hadn’t even thought of.

Enter: Duet Blowdry, a multi-tasking blow dryer brush that not only takes your hair from damp to dry, but leaves your hair smooth, shiny, and without any heat damage. Ahead of its launch, I got to test the tool a few times — and, spoiler alert, I love it.

Fast Facts

  • Price: $399
  • Best For: Damage-free, ultra-smooth blowouts at home
  • Rating: 5/5
  • What I Love: Similar tools leave my hair looking frizzy and damaged, but this one feels sensitive on my thinner strands and gives me a shiny blowout in no time (without having to follow up with a flat iron).

The ghd Duet Blowdry

Launching on July 10, the ghd Duet Blowdry 2-in-1 Hair Dryer Brush is the answer to your best at-home blowouts. Designed for fragile, wet hair, the brush glides through even the most delicate strands, drying and smoothing them while adding shine without any heat damage.


Available in both black and white, the tool has created countless innovations for the brush-blow dryer category.

The Lowdown On The Technology

The Duet comes with a slim traveling case that doubles as a heat-resistant mat, as well as a tiny brush for cleaning out the bristles as needed.

Unlike traditional brush dryers, which typically feature nylon or boar bristles, the Duet Blowdry instead uses custom bristles that are akin to their flat iron material. In turn, it not only avoids tangling and tugging, but actually smooths your hair and tames unwanted flyaways as you go.

Also unique is the low temperature setting — ideal for wet or damp hair — as well as the controlled airflow that gently dries your ’do.

The result? Hair that has more shine and volume, no frizz, and doesn’t experience any heat damage — though of course, it’s always a good idea to apply a heat protectant before using any hot tool.

First Impressions

Although I found the technology intriguing, I definitely had my doubts going into it (tools that have gone viral in the past completely have not worked for me). That said, I noticed the ghd difference pretty quickly after my first use:

Olivia Rose Rushing

My first thought? It may sound silly, but blow drying hair often means cutting short conversations with my husband or pausing my current podcast. Because of its controlled airflow, I found that the tool wasn’t loud at all and I didn’t have to go silent for 20 or so minutes. When it comes to my hair, it also meant that the softer airflow kept my strands tame while styling and *not* flying all over the place.

After about three or four slow brushes through each small section, I quickly had soft, smooth, and completely dry hair. And as someone who typically runs a straightening iron after my at-home blowouts to calm down any frizz, I found this tool basically did that job for me — a major win.

How Does It Compare To Other Tools?

In the world of brush blow dryers, one in particular truly stands out as a beloved fave: The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer. And at a much lower $60 price point, it’s no wonder the tool has garnered a cult following.

For many, the nylon and tufted bristles are the secret to their most voluminous hair, creating a super bouncy, ’90s-esque blowout. I found that my fine hair type, however, got tangled within minutes of using it (causing it to spend way to much time directly in heat, and ultimately creating too much breakage at my crown).

While it still may be a solid option — especially for those with thicker, stronger hair — it just didn’t work for me.

File Under: Need To Have RN

If, like me, you’re not so savvy when it comes to styling your hair, the ghd tool is definitely fool-proof enough for you.

Even on my super thin hair, I found that the bristles never created any tangles or tugged individual strands for unwanted breakage. What’s more, it also has pretty much replaced the use of my flat iron on the regular, keeping my hair even healthier in the process.

Although the price point ($399) may seem a bit high for the category, the long-lasting, ultra-smooth, and damage-free results are entirely worth it. If you’re in the market to streamline your hairstyling routine, file this tool under your “need to have RN” list.