Y2K-Era Body Mists Are Back & Better Than Ever

Some things are better left in the early 2000s...

Y2K-era perfumes are back, though this time around, the category is all grown up to reflect the time...
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In the early 2000s, body mists — or body “splashes” — were a tweenager’s best friend. These yummy mists tended to be housed in coloful plastic bottles, and were generally considered the more playful younger sister to your typical perfumes.

But as Millennials have grown up, so too have their favorite fragrance formats from the early aughts — and these days, body mists are back and better than ever.

The Nostalgic Body Mist Glow Up

In the early aughts, body mist scents were often overwhelmingly fruity or sugary sweet, with hardly any options in between. If you didn’t like smelling like birthday cake or strawberry jam, you were pretty much out of luck. But now, the options on offer have been elevated to a whole other level.

For one, the body mists of today are much longer lasting than their predecessors, positioning them much closer to traditional perfumes. Additionally, you can now find formulations that are designed for spritzing your body *and* hair, which are made with skin-and-strand-loving ingredients in lieu of drying alcohols.

Most notably, though, shoppers are no longer limited to the same sickly-sweet scent profiles they were back in the early 2000s. Instead, they can now snag complex, gender-fluid notes that are have an air of sophistication to them.

The Boys Of Summer Body Spray by Henry Rose, for example, embodies the category’s serious changes. It’s got a crisp-floral aroma that seems to last forever, and smells lovely (and mature) on everyone.

Even Selena Gomez launched her own cozy scent for the fragrance lovers by way of the Find Comfort Body & Hair Fragrance Mist. It not only nourishes (rather than dries) your hair, but has mood-boosting aromatherapy benefits, too.

8 Modern & Mature Body Mists

If you’re on the hunt for a Y2K-era body mist that’s mature enough to wear day to day (and even in the office or on date night), here are eight you’ll want to add to cart.

OG Victoria’s Secret scents will forever bring back the best memories — but if you haven’t strolled through their pink aisles in a while, you may have missed some of the brand’s new mists. The Bare Magnolia Fine Fragrance Mist, in particular, is impossibly clean, fresh, and light as the aromas of sheer florals and creamy vanilla wood swirl around your senses.

Vanilla is a nostalgic note that immediately whisks you away to the early 2000s — though the Vanilla Skin Body & Hair Fragrance Mist is a reflection of a modernized version of the beloved gourmand. This warm and spicy take is decadently sensual, and has additional notes of pink peppercorn and cashmere woods that linger on the skin.

Designed to be entirely genderless, the Boys Of Summer Body Spray has the staying power of a traditional perfume. Its fresh lavender, spiced pink peppercorn, warm vetiver, and buttery orris notes linger for hours on end.

Akin to aromatherapy in a bottle, Rare Beauty’s Find Comfort Body & Hair Fragrance Mist spritzes in an ultra-fine cloud that lasts surprisingly long. As for its specific scent, this mist is defined by notes of earthy vetiver, elegant jasmine petals, pretty violet flowers, and a hint of lemon zest.

Sweet, sultry, and powerfully long-lasting, the Cheirosa 59 Perfume Mist is scientifically proven to boost your mood with its sugared violet, creamy vanilla orchid, and smooth sandalwood notes.

A captivating mist that embodies the beauty of beach days in an innovative and unexpected way, the SAND Fragrance Body Mist smells of heated ginger, lush coconut milk, and pure vanilla. Yum.

Straying from the youthfulness of early 2000s body sprays, Figue du Forêt is incredibly sophisticated with featured notes of juicy fig, smooth white tea, and sugared almond milk.

For fans of the iconic Good Girl scent who can’t get enough of deliciously gourmand aroma, the Good Girl Hair Mist allows for the perfume to safely linger in your strands all day (and, thanks to its staying power, night) long.