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EXCLUSIVE — Pamela Anderson Tells Bustle She’s “Ready For Love”

The icon talks daily mantras and Sonsie Skin.

Pamela Anderson exclusively shares her daily mantra with Bustle.
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Whether you’ve read her poetic words in the memoir Love, Pamela, watched her revive her Canadian home in Pamela's Garden Of Eden, or learned about her abundant life in the Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story, there are a few things you know to be true: Pamela Anderson is a romantic, a dreamer, and someone who’s deeply in love with being deeply in love. But these days, she’s most concerned with being honest and loving towards herself.

Anderson has always kept a journal, cooked pasta sauce with pink rose petals (just because), and said her daily mantras — but in recent years, she’s made it a point to own her narrative and share her romanticized way of walking through the world. And now, she’s doing it via Instagram reels.

Pamela Anderson’s Daily Mantra

On June 12, the icon posted her first-ever reel to the app. In it, she revealed her go-to simple skin care routine, and showed off her gorgeous natural complexion in the process.

“I’m pushing boundaries more these days,” Anderson exclusively tells Bustle. “An open heart is not the easy road, but the most profound… and rewarding.”

While Anderson’s actual routine is fairly minimalistic — she exclusively uses products from Sonsie Skin, a brand she co-founded that just celebrated it’s one-year anniversary — she makes the practice feel extra special by using the time she spends caring for herself to repeat a mantra, and encourages others to do the same.

“Be brave, take risks, place your heart upon your sleeve, your hand upon your heart, repeat out loud as you look in the mirror: ‘I’m ready for love. My goal is to be myself as I’m pushed, pulled, and tempted by the world,’” she says.

For those who want to repeat Anderson’s self-love mantra — especially while applying skin care — she recommends lighting a candle to really embrace the intimate moment with yourself.

She’s In Her Bare Skin Era

Early on in her career, Anderson established herself as the epitome of glamour — and had the sensually smokey eyes, perfectly lined lips, and wildly voluminous updos to accompany her icon status. These days, though, she’s traded in the high-impact hair and makeup in favor of embracing her natural beauty.

In recent months, the actor has attended red-carpet events with little to no makeup, a move that has been a significant part of her personal journey toward taking risks and welcoming more love into her life. She’s been an inspiration for as long as she’s been in the spotlight (we’ve all seen the Baywatch-inspired red bikinis), but the way she’s embraced her bare skin might just be her most mimic-worthy move yet. And now, women are armed with the exact mantra they need to follow in her footsteps.