5 Pedicure Ideas That Scream "It's Finally Taurus Season"

Earthy and luxe is the vibe.

Taurus SZN 2024 is finally here. Here are 5 pedicure trends that match the sign's down-to-earth vibe...

As of April 20, we’ve officially entered Taurus SZN 2024 — and just as it does every single year, the sign has brought in a brand new energy.

Taureans celebrate their birthdays in the heart of spring, and similar to the season — one of new growth and budding blooms — the zodiac sign is earthy. Represented by the bull, those with Taurus placements may be stubbornly at times, but at their heart, lies fierce loyalty, a desire for comfort, and an affinity for all things luxurious.

Naturally, Taureans’ nail aesthetic reflects this. They can often be found in an earthy color palette made up of browns and every shade of green (like rich emerald, lime, and more). That said, they’re full of surprises and sometimes deviate with a pop of pastel pink. As for nail art, they may be inclined to choose deeply luxe finishes for their toes — like chrome — or even trendy designs, like crocodile print.

Whether you’re a proud Taurus, or just have a few Taurus placements in your birth chart, these cute pedicure ideas will definitely match your vibe.

5 Pedicures For Taurus SZN 2024

Two-Tone Green Toes

Shades of green polish — from pale sage to deep emerald — are definitely Taurean. This season, wear a different shade of green on each foot for a pedi that’s all your own.

Luxe Micro French Tips

Nothing’s quite as chic, luxe, and “old money” as a micro French tip pedicure (or manicure). Because of that simple sentiment, this classic look is a total go-to for Taurus season.

Warm-Toned Chrome

Those with Taurus placements often find comfort in the finer things in life, making this high-shine, warm-toned pedicure a total win for the weeks ahead.

Earthy Brown Shades

For those who much prefer a dark pedicure, use your birth month to experiment with chocolate brown polishes.

Pretty In Pastel Pink

Apart from nature-inspired colors, like green and brown, Taureans also gravitate toward pastel pink — making this opaque pink lacquer the perfect choice for a birthday pedi.