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New Research Shows One Surprising Reason People May Develop Celiac Disease

By Nylah Burton
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Researchers Are Testing A Vaccine That Makes Gluten Harmless To People With Celiac

By Carolyn de Lorenzo
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Researchers Figured Out A Way To Make Gluten Harmless To People With Celiac

By JR Thorpe

6 Early Signs You Have Celiac Disease, According To Experts

By Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

This New Discovery Might Help Celiac Sufferers

By Mehak Anwar
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9 Ways To Tell If You Have Celiac Disease

By Gabrielle Moss

11 Gluten-Free Recipes That Everyone Can Enjoy During Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Celiac disease is a hereditary disease where the consumption of gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley) causes your body to attack the small intestines. Not fun. And while "going gluten-free" is a diet trend I'd still like to see die, for…

By Emily Kelley