Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

The Wild West Of Health Care

“Fingers crossed!” could be the official motto of the eating disorder clinical profession.

By Hannah Orenstein

My Ass Deserves Rhinestones, Too

After years of struggling with bulimia, learning to strip down in front of an audience changed everything.

By Stephanie Strohm

How To Deal With A Partner Who Body Shames You

Experts weigh in.

By Lexi Inks

At 28, Melanie C Was Falling In Love & Reclaiming Her Confidence

The Spice Girl on the importance of self-worth, surviving damaging stereotypes, and her journey to recovery.

By Olivia-Anne Cleary

Why Wouldn’t Your Nutritionist Have An Eating Disorder?

The people we pay to tell us how to eat often struggle to feed themselves.

By Margaret Wheeler Johnson

Zosia Mamet Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder

“I’m no longer ruled by my disease,” writes the actor.

By Zosia Mamet

Sophie Turner Had A Live-In Therapist To Help Combat Her Eating Disorder

The Game of Thrones actor cites social media as a trigger for anxious thoughts.

By Nola Ojomu

Mary H.K. Choi's New Novel Is A Blistering Tale Of Sisterly Strife

"You're only as sick as your secrets."

By K.W. Colyard
Social Media

People In ED Recovery Are Sharing Meals On Instagram & TikTok

“Anything difficult can be easier when someone is there to help carry the load.”

By Nina Braca

It Took Me Years To Believe I Was "Sick Enough" To Have An Eating Disorder

By Jenna Birch

This Eating Disorder Is Just As Dangerous As Others — But Diet Culture Means It Goes Undiagnosed

By Georgina Berbari

The Important Thing We’re Not Talking About With Those Mandatory Calorie Counts

By Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

Why LGBTQ People Are More Likely To Experience Disordered Eating Than Non-LGBTQ Peers

By James Hale

On Being Fat, Trans & Anorexic

By Mari Brighe

Myths About Eating Disorders You Should Ignore

By Erica Florentine

Girls Are More At Risk For Eating Disorders Here

By Emma Cueto