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12 Wild Things That Happened On One Tree Hill That You Totally Forgot About

The absurdity is so apparent when the fan-favorite show is rewatched.

by Taylor Ferber
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While the fan-favorite WB-turned-CW show is certainly loved, it's also been scrutinized for being absolutely flipping ridiculous. Looking back, One Tree Hill was so wild for so many reasons. And because fans were enamored by the soapy teen series when it ran from 2003 to 2012, perhaps audience didn't realize just how over-the-top One Tree Hill really was.

The show, following a group of teens in a small North Carolina town, started out as a simple story about two half-brothers who despised each other and took their anger out on the basketball court. Along the way were young romances and revolutions of self-discovery, cheesy tropes of most beloved teen dramas. Sure, the show dabbled in bonkers events (like going into labor while giving a high school graduation speech or having a secret child stolen by one's ex). But over time, OTH became even more ridiculous and the absurdity is so apparent when the show is rewatched.

Looking back, fans may recognize things they hadn't before, like some of OTH's cringe-worthy situations and its overtly sexual moments. And because most invested fans were probably busy bawling their eyes out while watching the first time around, they may not have understood how truly outlandish the show, in all its glory, really was. Allow these instances to explain just how wild OTH was.


The Quotes That Come Out Of These Teenagers' Mouths

Lucas' ability to casually quote famous authors' most intellectual lines is one thing. But I don't know any high schoolers who throw out deep, passionate lines like the kids in Tree Hill on a regular basis. There was the time Lucas dramatically told Peyton, "It's you. When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me, it's you."

Or when Haley contemplated life and said, "I was thinking about the finality of it all, how somebody can leave your world in the blink of an eye and be gone forever. It’s too enormous to think about. It’s too hard." Most high school kids are concerned with college and awkward first romances, usually not the meaning of life.


The Supernatural

OTH got a little too comfortable with the supernatural, to the point where the show's use of it literally made zero sense. Let's talk about the fact that Lucas learned Keith was shot by Dan from Keith in a dream when he was in a coma. No, really.

And of course, there was the wacky episode no one needed (and people still don't understand) when Quinn and Clay were ghosts. Basically, the two were hospitalized in comas after getting shot (will get to that later) and experienced a dreamlike world together as spirits. There's still no rhyme or reason, no reason at all.


Miraculous Recoveries

A few life-threatening injuries on One Tree Hill include: the time pregnant Haley got run over by a car; when Peyton collapsed into a coma after her wedding, due to pregnancy difficulties; when Quinn and Clay were shot; the time Nathan, Rachel, and Cooper nearly drowned after a car crash; Dan getting burned in an office fire; and when Nathan severely crashed his race car. There were bumps, bruises, and the occasional coma, but essentially, they all walked away unscathed. Remarkable.


Keith's Hidden Talent

Keith, a car mechanic, decides to leave Tree Hill and become a teacher. Either his lack of a teaching degree is a major plot hole, or anyone who's anyone can educate and molds young minds in Charleston, South Carolina.


Tree Hill's Hollywood Status

Did anyone think it was bizarre that celebrities would not only roll through, but become romantically involved with residents in the small suburban town of Tree Hill? Celebrities who made cameos on the show include Nick Lachey, Pete Wentz, and Kevin Federline. How about the top-notch performances they'd land at Tric, like Kid Cudi, Fall Out Boy, Nada Surf, Lupe Fiasco, and Jack's Mannequin? But perhaps the most outlandish time was when Sheryl Crow put on an intimate performance at Karen's Cafe. Of course, there was also the following occurrence...


The Characters Singing Their Own Theme Song

Never forget the time Gavin DeGraw performed at Tric and sang the OTH theme song "I Don't Wanna Be." What made it even more over-the-top was the fact that the actors, in character, passionately sang along. Do they know they've been in a show all along? Truly mind-blowing.


All Of The Stalkers

First, audiences were introduced to Jake's ex Nikki, who straight-up stole their baby and ran away. This was child's play compared to what followed. Peyton was later stalked and nearly killed by a deranged man who posed as her estranged brother, and tied Peyton and Brooke up in a basement on prom night. There was also Nanny Carrie, who stole Jamie, seduced Nathan, and kidnapped Dan.

Also on the list was the woman who looked like Clay's dead wife and shot him and Quinn, Brooke's attacker Xavier, and the guys who held Nathan hostage. Apparently this is all normal for a small Southern town.


The Beyond-Impressive Success

Looking back, maybe OTH is to blame for setting unreasonably high expectations in life. Almost every major character achieved their wildest dreams, and all by the ripe age of 25. Lucas became an author, Nathan made it to the NBA, Haley turned into a touring recording artist, Brooke was a millionaire fashion designer, and Peyton was a record label owner. Thanks, OTH, for making millennials feel even more lazy and entitled.


The Creepy 1940s Episode

In Season 6, Lucas dreams up a world that pays homage to glamorous films of the '40s after watching Casablanca. But in Lucas' imagination, mob boss Dan essentially owns singer Haley (after saving her from a traveling sideshow and demanding that she do what he says) and owns his "girl" Peyton (who flirts with his bar-owning competitor Lucas). It's so creepy.


The Runaway Bride

In an event that no viewer really understood or had time to mentally prep for, Lucas married Lindsey. (Who? Honestly, still don't know.) Anyhow, once they're at the altar, Lindsey comes to the realization that Lucas' novel The Comet was referring to Peyton's car (a Comet). She gets emotional and dramatically leaves Lucas at the altar. Talk about timing.


Brooke's Foster Child

In Season 6, Brooke, a 22-year-old, adopts Sam, a 15-year-old. Sam was a rebellious and troubled teen, who may or may not still be associated with making Brooke's life a living hell (hence being involved with Xavier, Brooke's attacker). Regardless of taking Sam in while dealing with a stalker and running a fashion label, Brooke ultimately ended up forming a close bond with her. But did anyone mention they were only seven years apart? Just wondering.


Dan's Heart Getting Eaten

Dan's heart transplant is something fans will never fully grapple with. It's still mocked by audiences to this day, not only because the cause of the operation was when Dan was hit by a car (after giving a speech about being "careful"), but because a golden retriever eats his heart in the hospital after a paramedic accidentally drops it. This really happened. No matter how many times you rewatch the clip, it happened.

Thank you, One Tree Hill, for providing absurd storylines, setting unrealistic life expectations, and everything else that you do.

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