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Here's Why Daario Naharis Changed For Game Of Thrones Season 4

Something might look different on your favorite fantasy series this season. Like, drastically different. Game of Thrones' Daario Naharis has been recast, with a completely different looking (but still smoldering) actor. So what the hell happened to the original Daario?

Here's a quick recap in case the painfully long hiatus between Season 3 and Season 4 has you slightly lost. Remember that long-haired soldier in the last three episodes who clearly had a thing for Daenerys? Remember when he entered her tent with two of his men's heads? And remember when he swore to fight for Daenerys, and viewers immediately started predicting some steamy scenes? Yeah, that guy. His hair alone could have usurped Jon Snow's in a heartbeat.

Rest assured, Jon Snow still reigns when it comes to who's the best coiffed in Westeros. Daario, who was formerly played by Ed Skrein, has been replaced by actor Michael Huisman. Huisman, who has previously dabbled in HBO programming like Treme, also starred as Liam in Nashville. When it was announced that he would join the critical darling of a medieval bloodshed fest, fans pegged him to play Styr, who George R. R. Martin has described as "muscular in build and hairless in body." Fortunately for him, it looks like Huisman didn't have to do any manscaping for his new role (but we can find out for sure if or when he and Daenerys hook up this season).


While it's awesome to have Huisman on the show, we're still left wondering why Skrein left in the first place? He was on one television's biggest programs, and he was headed towards some saucy scenes with the mother of dragons.

Apparently, Skrein left Game of Thrones to star in a Transporter movie as a younger Jason Statham, which quite frankly, doesn't have the critical adulation that Thrones does, but hey — action movies are action movies, and we aren't privy to any information about contractual obligations he might have had prior to embarking on his brief journey in Westeros.

So your eyes are not fooling you; Daario did have a total makeover. Check out your new Daario (see above for the pic!) for Season 4 (which premieres on April 6), so you're not confused when Daenerys starts falling for the different-but-same guy.