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Eugene Levy Won't Do A Schitt's Creek Movie Without This One Thing

It’s a non-negotiable factor for the series’ co-creator and lead actor.

by Grace Wehniainen and Sophie McEvoy
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Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose in 'Schitt's Creek'

If you’ve been dreaming about a Schitt’s Creek movie ever since the series ended (and earned, like, every Emmy), you’re not alone. Eugene Levy, who played the Rose family patriarch Johnny, recently revealed that he’d jump at the opportunity to make a film. “We’ve said we’re always keeping things open, and Daniel himself has said it really depends on the idea for what it is,” he told This Morning hosts Dermot O’Leary and Josie Gibson during a recent interview in the UK on Feb. 15.

Once that idea presents itself, Levy said he would “love to do it again.” While he confirmed there’s “nothing in the works right now, it’s something that we would love to do.” Levy added that he has his fingers crossed that “a really good idea” comes to them soon, as that is the one thing he needs before signing on to do a film. “I would love to work with these beautiful people again. This has been the most incredible experience.”

Emily Hampshire, who played clerk-turned-motelier Stevie Budd, opened up in March 2022 about a recurring dream in which the Schitt’s Creek characters are reassembled and Stevie is pregnant. “And I’m like, ‘Where did this come from!?’ And I’d wake up in a sweat ... That’s some unconscious nightmare thing,” she told Us Weekly.

Whether or not Stevie ultimately becomes a mom remains to be seen — but Hampshire is pretty confident that there will, indeed, be more Schitt’s Creek on the way. She even joked about bribing co-star and creator Dan Levy to make it happen. “I can’t say anything official, but I would be very surprised if we never got together to do something again,” she told the magazine. “We’ll never do the show again, but I would be surprised if we didn’t all get together for some kind of special.”

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Such is the camaraderie of the Schitt’s Creek cast that Hampshire’s fellow stars have all said pretty much the same thing. “I don't think there's a single person on our team, cast or crew, that wouldn't want to come back for a movie ... if I can come up with an idea that I think builds on what we've already done in a way that feels good and exciting and new and fresh and challenges our actors, then great,” Dan Levy told People in 2020. That could be a while, of course. As the actor told the magazine, “It's always good for people to miss you before you come back with something. So I think we're going to let some time pass.”

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