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The Future Of All Creatures Great & Small Is Confirmed

The beloved Channel 5 series is set to return for two more seasons.

All Creatures Great & Small
Channel 5
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Following Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small Christmas Special, there may be only one question that all desperately want to be answered: Will there be a season three? And if so, when can you expect it? So, here’s everything we know so far.

In short, it’s pretty clear that yes, there will be a new series of the beloved show. On Jan. 8, 2022, Channel 5 confirmed that All Creatures Great and Small will return for a third and fourth series, plus another two Christmas specials. Fans are clearly in for a treat, and can expect “more heartwarming tales” as the series progresses into its next two instalments. While there’s yet to be a release date for either series, it’ll pick up exactly where the third left off and will see the residents of Darrowby, especially James and Helen, embark on the next chapter of their lives under a shroud of uncertainty as the threat of another World War looms over the UK. The episodes will, of course, likely centre around the much-anticipated romance between Helen and James Herriot. Fingers crossed they finally get their happy ending.

Whether the show will continue beyond four seasons is up in the air, as showrunner Ben Vanstone said at a Q&A ahead of series two launching: “I think that when we started the show, we had in mind arcs for these characters that took them across a number of series and initially, it was kind of four series. But everything in this show plays out slower than you think it would.”

All Creatures Great and Small will continue filming on location in Yorkshire this Spring, and will take around four months according to actor Samuel West, who plays James’ mentor Siegfried Farnon. Nicholas Ralph will return as a young James Herriot, alongside Anna Madeley as Mrs Hall, Callum Woodhouse as Tristan, Rachel Shenton as Helen, and Patricia Hodge as Mrs Pumprhey. Tricki Woo will also make a stunning reappearance, played will also star, by the “lovable” Pekingese called Derek.

While there’s been no confirmation from C5 on an air date, according to Radio Times, you can expect to see the third series of All Creatures Great and Small sometime in autumn 2022.

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