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Anne Hathaway Would “Love” To Work With Meryl Streep Again

The Devil Wears Prada costars don’t have any projects lined up at the moment, but Hathaway seems eager to reunite with Streep.

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US actress Anne Hathaway arrives for The Albies hosted by the Clooney Foundation at the New York Pub...

During her nearly 25-year career as an actor, Anne Hathaway has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood — including the one, the only, Meryl Streep.

In 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada, Hathaway memorably played Andy Sachs, the second assistant to fiercely intimidating Runway editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly (Streep) — a character thought to be inspired by Vogue’s Anna Wintour. And clearly, the legendary actor left quite an impression on Hathaway.

When Entertainment Tonight asked her about the possibility of reuniting with Streep, the Princess Diaries star appeared thrilled by the prospect. “Oh my gosh, I would love that,” she said. “I wish. I wish. I wish. She’s very busy.”

Although the former co-stars don’t have any projects together in the pipeline, the pair recently crossed paths at The Clooney Foundation for Justice’s Albie Awards in September.

The pair also reunited in 2021 for a virtual Entertainment Weekly interview marking The Devil Wears Prada’s 15-year anniversary, during which the film’s director, David Frankel, recalled how Streep was instrumental in Hathaway’s casting.

“Meryl was eager to make the movie, and she said, ‘Let me meet with [Hathaway],’” Frankel said. “Brokeback Mountain was about to come out. Annie had a wonderful, small role in that. And Meryl watched that scene from the movie, she met with her and called up Tom Rothman at Fox and said, ‘Yeah, this girl’s great, and I think we’ll work well together.’”

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Hathaway previously recalled being intimidated by Streep on the Devil Wears Prada set, telling Access Hollywood in 2006: “It wouldn’t matter if I’d done 50 films, she’s still the best actress in the whole world. I just really kind of had to calm myself down and say, ‘OK, you know what? Just accept it, she’s gonna be better than you, just learn as much as possible.’”

Emily Blunt, who played Miranda’s snarky first assistant Emily Charlton in the film, shared a similar experience, revealing that she found Streep “terrifying” as Miranda Priestly during filming — largely because the film marked “one of the first times” Streep had attempted method acting.

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